Huffington Post Germany calls for the German people to be abolished and Germany to be “repeopled”

Some people still claim that “White Genocide” or the “Great Replacement” is a mad conspiracy theory. But here we have a German writer, Veit Lindner, on a major internet platform, Huffington Post Germany, openly calling for the genetic and cultural extinction of the German people. As far as I can tell, Lindner is, in fact, ethnically German, which shows how far the mind-virus of self-hate has eaten into the European mind. Of course this self-hatred has been artfully cultivated by our ethnic adversaries.

Lindner uses the word “Umvolkung” which means repeopling. This was the word used by the National Socialists to refer to the projected colonisation of conquered eastern territories with ethnic Germans as well as the re-Germanisation of some of the ethnic German groups that were already living in these Slavic environments. In recent years, the term has been taken up by some German patriots to refer to the forced ethnic diversification of their country.

The title of the article says “Repeople us! Why the German people should be abolished”

The term “abgeschafft” [abolished or uncreated] is a reference to a book by Thilo Sarrazin called “Deutschland Schafft sich ab” [Germany is abolishing itself] that created a big stir in Germany a few years ago. Sarrazin argued that immigrants from mainly Muslim countries were lowering the average IQ level in Germany and this would ultimately impact on the country’s prosperity.

Sarrazin was a Socialist politician who served on the board of the German federal bank. He was hounded from his job even before the book had been published. Though Sarrazin’s book mainly consisted of a dry recitation of facts culled from mainstream sources, and simply drawing logical inferences from them, there were demands for his prosecution. A UN Committee even chipped in, and the German government declared that it would amend its “hate speech” laws to make such prosecutions possible in future.

Leftists attacked Sarrazin’s home and Muslim mobs chased him off when he tried to turn up for events. Despite this, his book’s thesis that Germany was unmaking itself was dismissed as a crazy conspiracy theory. Now we have leftists openly calling for it.

Lindner Here is an extract from the Huffington Post article.

If the stinking mental flatulence of the New Right is to be the “Deutsche Volk” [German people] again, it would actually be best to just replace them. Attention, Germans! Fall in for comprehensive repeopling! [Umvolkung]


Black, brown, yellow, white, Asians and Arabs, Africans, you people from America, India, people of all faiths – come and help us! Stream in and repeople us, but thoroughly!


Let us give this lovely stretch of land a lovelier future than “Wire Fence” Michel and the folk community of contempt are preparing for it. Repeopling is actually an astonishingly rational suggestion when you look into it more closely.


As no one who isn’t a few pillars short of a fence would shed a tear for this “German people” of timidity, envy and stink-raising, it would help all those other Germans who wish only the best for their country: those who, like me, were born here and have been living here for generations, as well as all the new Germans, wherever they come from.


Let us then build a new Germany together, built on the values of democracy, diversity, solidarity and responsibility, but also fun and passion – a people that no longer needs a wire mesh fence because we are either all foreigners or no one is.


A little more genetic and cultural seed-scattering here and a little more self-abolition through reproduction fatigue there – that, as Deniz Yücel once called it, would be the “most beautiful side of the perishing of a people”.



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  1. He is a hate-monger and should certainly be first in the queue for “de-volking” yet, somehow, I doubt if he truly would include himself amongst those to be destroyed. Although he may be mentally deranged, I suspect one should “follow the money” to see why he is so keen to import savages to replace one of the most cultured, educated and gifted of European peoples.

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    1. Uncircumcised dog, 6 million human beings, unarmed women and children included and massacred by the NAZI pigs and the willingness of “good people” to look away…. IF suicide is the only way to prevent Deutschland Über Alles then go for it.
      It is pathetic that Churchill’s adage remains “Germany is either at your throat or at your feet”. If there is no in between then go fade away.


  2. This why (((they))) disarmed the civilian population to speed up white genocide with kalergi plan.Traitorous brainwashed Bolshevik filth like in this article are the lemons and trotsky’s of today.

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  3. I hope a Muslim enricher cuts off his balls and leaves him to bleed out in the gutter. If someone could find him and cut off his balls, then force him to eat them, it would be even better,

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  4. Anti-Semitic crime in the area of the Bonn Hofgarten – 20-year-old German suspect with Palestinian background provisionally arrested – police confuse injured party with attacker

    In the afternoon hours of 11.07.2018 an anti-Semitic crime was committed in the area of the Bonn Hofgarten:

    Around 2:20 p.m., a 50-year-old Israeli university professor living in the USA, accompanied by an acquaintance, was on foot in the area of the Bonn Court Garden when an unknown person approached him about the kippa he was wearing and also insulted in the course of the conversation. The unknown struck the kippa off his head several times, pushed and hit him on the shoulder, saying, among other things, “No Jew in Germany”.

    While his companion alarmed the police, the professor defended himself against the attacks. When the stranger heard the beeps of the approaching police car, he let go of the injured party and ran away in the direction of “Alter Zoll”. He tore his T-shirt off his body and ran on with his upper body exposed. The injured man chased the man. When the police approached the two persons from two sides, they did not consider the professor, who also complied with several requests of the officers to stop, erroneously for the aggressor. He was overwhelmed by the police, brought to the ground and fixed. According to the officials, he resisted the measures – the police beat him in the face. While the situational misunderstanding clarified itself by the companion of the 50-year-old, the actual attacker, a 20-year-old German with Palestinian roots, was placed and temporarily arrested.

    The 20-year-old is known to the police in the field of violent crime and due to violations of the Narcotics Act. After a rapid drug test had given him indications of possible drug exposure, a blood sample was ordered. The accused was finally admitted to a specialist clinic on the basis of medically attested psychological abnormalities. Previously, he had also repeated his anti-Semitic remarks to the police, but did not go into the matter further.

    In close coordination with the Bonn Public Prosecutor’s Office, the responsible State Security Commissioner has taken over the investigation into the anti-Semitic attack. Investigations against the officials employed for assault in office are conducted by investigators of the Cologne Police Headquarters for reasons of neutrality.

    In the evening hours, police commissioner Ursula Brohl-Sowa tried to reach the 50-year-old professor personally in addition to a written message. This morning the head of the authorities met with the injured party and asked him in a personal conversation for his apologies for the behaviour of their officials. Commenting on the intervention against the 50-year-old, the Bonn police president said: “A terrible and regrettable misunderstanding in the operation, for which I have expressly apologised to the professor concerned. We will look closely at how this situation came about and do everything possible to avoid such misunderstandings in the future”.



    Column Birth Shrinkage
    Great, Germany’s getting out of here!

    In the middle of Europe, a space without people will soon be created. It’s no pity. Because with the Germans, only things are lost that no one will miss.

    BERLIN taz | Finally! Great! Wonderful! What was rumoured last year has now been proven scientifically (with figures and dates) and officially (with stamp and seal): Germany is getting away!

    According to the Federal Statistical Office, only 16.5 percent of the 81 million Germans are under 18 years of age; nowhere else in Europe is the proportion of minors as low. Per 1,000 inhabitants there are now only 8.3 births – which is also the lowest value in Europe.

    Particularly pleasing: The immigrants, who for years artificially kept birth rates high, no longer refuse to integrate and make their contribution to German extinction (although there is still room for improvement).
    Popular sports: whining and gossiping about foreigners

    Even more pleasing: The Ossis are the first to get away. While the number of minors in the West has fallen by 10 percent in the past ten years, it has fallen by 29 percent in the East. The Sandys, Mandys and Jacquelines don’t care about the new German mother’s cross (“Elterngeld”) and contribute to the fact that the East German national sports will run out of whining, being a victim and foreigner gossip in the foreseeable future.

    What Sir Arthur Harris, Henry Morgenthau and Ilja Ehrenburg, George Grosz, Marlene Dietrich and Hans Krankl dreamed of failed, the Germans themselves now take over, which is why you can also rely on it really happening. For half things were never German things (“total war”, “wholemeal bread”); because of their thoroughness the Germans all over the world are a little admired and even more feared.

    Now many a people has left the stage of history without the violent intervention of others: The Etruscans became citizens of Rome, the Hittites merged with the Anatolian people, the Scythians disappeared somewhere in the vast steppes.
    A nation that stands out with eternal ill humour

    The imminent departure of the Germans, however, is the death of peoples from its most beautiful side. A nation whose greatest contribution to humanity’s history of civilization is to give name and face to absolute evil and, as Wolfgang Pohrt once wrote, to have made war the trustee and executor of humanity; a nation that has always stood out with boundless self-pity, penetrating wise knowledge and eternal bad mood; a nation that knows dozens of expressions for the word “grumbling”, but has to borrow words for everything erotic for other people, because its own language has only repressed, coarse or clinical vocabulary to offer, so this joyless nation can gladly pass away.

    Speaking of language: The list of German words that cannot be translated into other languages, or only with considerable loss of meaning, illustrates what would be lost to the world with the death of the Germans: Blitzkrieg, Thing per se, closing time, cosiness, gummy bears, janitor, homesickness, kindergarten, kitsch, Kulturkampf, Lebensabschnittsgefährte, sustainability, nest-polluter, order office, lateral thinker, realpolitik, Schlager, Spaßvogel, Tieffsinn, Torschluspanik, Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung, Volksgemeinschaft, Weltanschauung, Wirtschaftswunder, Zwieback.

    What person of reason, style and humour would be saddened if these words and with them their underlying attitudes disappeared? Exactly.
    More tenderness for the shepherd than for the language

    The preservation of the German language, by the way, is no argument for keeping the German population alive. For the German and the German have about as much to do with each other as astronomy and astrology. Or better yet: like lamb and butcher. “The German feels more tenderness for his shepherd dog and his living room wall cabinet than for his language,” Thomas Blum once remarked. In the interest of the German language, the Germans can’t make the move fast enough.

    Now that the end of Germany has been decided, the question arises as to what to do with the space without a people, which will soon be created in the centre of Europe: Split between Poland and France? Plotting and auctioning on eBay? to Palestinians, Tuvaluans, Kabyles and other needy people? Let it run wild in a local recreation area? Or would you rather turn it into a beet field?

    It doesn’t matter. There is always something better than Germany.



    Germans may be called “dog breed” with impunity

    The Germans cannot be insulted – at least not as a collective, according to the public prosecutor’s office in Hamburg. It now discontinued the corresponding procedure. AfD demands consequences.

    Germans cannot be offended in their entirety, as a collective. The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Hamburg has discontinued proceedings against the Turkish Parents’ Council, as has now become known.

    Malik Karabulut, former member of the board of the Turkish Parents’ Association Hamburg, insulted the Germans in Turkish as a “dog clan” in a Facebook contribution to the Armenian genocide last summer in accordance with the resolution of the German Bundestag – other translations speak of “dog breed”.

    Karabulut continued: “Jewish blood still flows from their hands. There has hardly been a second nation in the world to date that has despised, massacred and humiliated people so much. You call us bad guys and we keep quiet.” And further: “Does Turkey still hope for something good from this dog clan? Expect nothing Turkey, exercise power! All you’re trying to do is make a mess. May God destroy their habitat.” Later Karabulut apologized for his choice of words.

    Statement remains unpunished and is still permitted

    However, the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office does not see the criminal offence of incitement to hatred of the people as fulfilled either in individual statements or in all statements, a spokeswoman announced on Tuesday. The reasoning: “It must be a group that stands out as an outwardly recognizable unit by some fixed external or internal distinguishing feature”. This is not the case for the term “German”, since it cannot be “defined as a distinguishable part of the population as a whole”. And further: “All persons with German citizenship are the majority of the population and therefore not a part of the population”. Because it is not “a relatively small circle of people that can be grasped in terms of the individuality of its members”, the collective of Germans cannot be offended, it says in the explanations of the public prosecutor’s office available to the “world”. Thus, the statement remains unpunished and is still permitted.

    According to the website of the Turkish Parents’ Association, which was founded in 1987, Karabulut is no longer active on any board. According to its own presentation on the website, “close relations are maintained with the school authorities and most of the organisations in Hamburg that shape the destiny of school policy in Hamburg”.

    The Hamburg AfD Parliamentary Group criticises the verdict as “scandalous, but unfortunately foreseeable”. In her view, the “incitement of the people paragraph 130 StGB must be concretized so that defamations against Germans can also be classified as punishable”. However, a request to this effect was rejected by all other parties.



    Personal rights “taz” must pay Sarrazin 20,000 euros

    The daily newspaper “taz” has to pay Thilo Sarrazin 20,000 euros in compensation. The Berlin Regional Court ruled that a contribution in which he was asked for a stroke seriously violates his personal rights.

    Hamburg/Berlin – The Berlin daily “taz” has to pay the controversial economist and book author Thilo Sarrazin 20,000 euros in compensation for serious violation of personal rights. In addition, the newspaper must not repeat statements from a column about Sarrazin, the Berlin Regional Court ruled in a verdict announced on Friday.

    Specifically, it was about a column published in November last year by the “taz” editor Deniz Yücel. In the text, Yücel mistakenly claimed that Sarrazin had suffered hemiplegia from a stroke and used a phrase suggesting that he wanted Sarrazin to have another and more severe stroke.

    Verbally attacked by Sarrazin fans

    The Regional Court considered this an unacceptable violation of Sarrazin’s personal rights. The “taz” is therefore not allowed to disseminate or publish these statements. In addition, Sarrazin is entitled to compensation in the amount of 20,000 euros. The exact reasons for the decision have not yet been announced by the Regional Court.

    The incriminated sentence was part of Yücel’s column “Das ist nicht humig” in the “taz” of 6 November 2012, in which he took up a formulation by Mely Kiyak in the “Frankfurter Rundschau”. In a May 2012 column, she had criticized “the frittering away of our television fees for this lisping, stuttering, twitching human caricature” – what was meant was Sarrazin. Kiyak had been verbally attacked by Sarrazin fans and had finally declared that she had not known that the bestselling author suffers from hemiplegia. “If I had known the physiological background, I would not have chosen the picture,” says Kiyak.

    Yücel had also added a “clarification” to his column in which he explained, among other things, “that I wish everyone as long a life free of illness as possible, especially successful book authors, the latter for the sole reason that they win the chance to learn something new and to refrain from making mistakes”.


    1. Independent, my ass!
      “taz” new building subsidized with 3.7 million

      The left-leaning daily “taz” has received 3.7 million euros to finance the construction of its new editorial headquarters in Berlin’s prestigious Friedrichstrasse. But the “independent” newspaper does not want to know anything about a subsidy.

      The Berlin “taz” stands for politically independent, committed and critical journalism. This is how the cooperative left-wing daily newspaper wants to be perceived. In particular, however, the independence of the medium may be doubted. The “critical””taz” has its future publishing building subsidized by Berlin taxpayers with no less than 3,779,970 million euros. This is the result of a reply by the Berlin House of Representatives to a question by Kurt Wansner (CDU).
      “Critical” journalism needs good company

      The so-called “taz.neubau” is intended to secure the future of the newspaper. According to architects Piet and Wim Eckhart, it will be a “system without hierarchies and an ecological building. The “committed” left-wing journalists can then carry out their work in prominent society. Friedrichstrasse 20-22 is only a few metres from the Willy Brand-Haus, which has housed the headquarters of the Federal Centre of the Social Democratic Party of Germany since 1996. The Jewish Museum can also be reached on foot in a few minutes. The newspaper tried to sell this address to its establishment-critical readers in a slightly different way. The address would be in a “city quarter whose development over the last 25 years has, to put it mildly, been less prosperous”.

      Wansner asked: “How much money does the daily newspaper “taz” receive for its new building in Friedrichstrasse in Kreuzberg?

      Not exclusively for the publishing building

      In the reply it was stated that the “taz” ” for the investment project had been approved by decision of 5 June 2014 in the amount of EUR 3,779,970″. This donation would not only concern the new building of the publishing house, but also investments in movable and intangible assets, some of which have already been realized at the previous location and will be taken to the new facility after completion of the new building.

      The one or other “taz” editor may therefore approve of the tax money blessing of one or the other laptop etc..

      “No right to repayment”

      Furthermore, the answer shows that the funds “come from the joint task of improving the regional economic structure”. The construction project of the left-wing daily newspaper is not supported by other funding sources. The disbursement of subsidies is permissible as soon as “investments corresponding to the purpose of the subsidy have been proven by the recipient of the subsidy”. I.e., as soon as the construction work begins. A claim for repayment could then no longer arise.

      Wansner criticized the promotion. “I believe the media should not be supported by taxpayers’ money. In my opinion, this hinders their independence, especially in political reporting,” he told the weekly Junge Freiheit. On the short news service Twitter, conservative CDU member of parliament Erika Steinbach raised the question of whether the “taz” would be subsidized with tax millions.

      However, the “taz” has to put up with that question. In 2012 the left-leaning daily newspaper suffered enormous losses. The “Hamburger Abendblatt” reported an amount of 600,000 Euro. It referred to an “internal member info”. The Taz Publishing Cooperative had to contribute the money to avert over-indebtedness of the newspaper. The government is supporting a loss-making business model here.

      Subsidy? We don’t need it!

      But the “taz” does not want to know anything about a subsidy. In an online article, it defends the support provided by the State of Berlin. Looking at Steinbach’s Twitter entry, she writes there: “What Mrs Steinbach overlooks, Germany is not France. Newspaper media in this country cannot be subsidized by the state in their daily work.” Apparently the building in which the daily work of the newspaper is to take place has nothing to do with this same daily work in their view.

      One of the newspaper’s reasons for its investment is that it is too small for its current editorial offices. She’d also have to pay rent. Support for her editorial work would not be available simply because it is a one-off payment. The “taz” would not need state subsidies. The money would be used exclusively to build a new house. “So it’s not something that’s being subsidized, it’s an investment in the future. Into one’s own – with foreign money.


  8. Some samples

    Chairman of Bündnis90/Die Grünen, Munich: “This is not a question of right or wrong in the immigration debate; our first concern is to reduce the proportion of the German population in this country.”

    Jürgen Trittin, Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung of 02.01.2005): “Germany’s disappearing more and more every day, and I just think that’s great.”

    Joschka Fischer, Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Source: Pflasterstrand 1982; quoted “Nation & Europe”, May 1999, page 7): “German heroes the world would have to kill like rabid dogs.”

    Joschka Fischer, Bündnis90/Die Grünen, review of his book “Risiko Deutschland”, Die Welt 07.02.2005: “Germany must be enclosed from the outside, and heterogenized, so to speak diluted, from the inside by the influx.”

    Joschka Fischer, Alliance 90/The Greens: “Germany is a problem because Germans are more industrious, more disciplined and more talented than the rest of Europe (and the world). This will always lead to’imbalances’. However, this can be counteracted by diverting as much money as possible out of Germany. It doesn’t matter what for, it can also be wasted radically – the main thing is that the Germans don’t have it. The world is saved.”

    Çigdem Akkaya, Deputy Director of the Essen Centre for Turkish Studies, on the integration of foreigners in Germany (Source: Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung of 27 March 2002): “Minarets will be part of everyday life in the future”.

    “People will finally say goodbye to the illusion that Germany belongs to the Germans.”

    “Without immigrants, this country has no future.”

    Ursula von der Leyen, CDU: “Migrant children are our future.”

    Von der Leyen hopes that a further step will be to support migrants. Every third child under the age of six comes from a migrant family: “A look at the demographic development shows how much we need these children: In 20, 30 years, we expect these children to carry this country innovatively and responsibly.”

    Cem Özdemir, Bundestagsabgeordneter Bündnis90/Die Grünen, auf dem Parteitag der Grünen 1998 in Bonn-Bad Godesberg: “The German offspring is now Mustafa, Giovanni and Ali!”

    Cem Özdemir, Alliance 90/The Greens (Source: Interview with Susanne Zeller-Hirzel, last survivor of the White Rose): “We want Germany to become Islamic”

    Cem Özdemir, Alliance 90/The Greens (Source: Hürriyet from 8.9.98 (in Turkish), printed in Focus on 14.9.98): “What our forefathers did not do at the gates of Vienna, we will do with our minds!”

    Kenan Kolat, Chairman of the Turkish Community in Germany (TGD), PK on the integration summit expects immigrants to take power in Germany. (Berlin review, 23.10.2013): “In twenty years, migrants will make up 75 percent of the population. Germany must see this reality”.

    These people would rule and lead Germany, quotes the Turkish newspaper “Sabah” Kolat at a meeting of the TGD state association of Baden-Württemberg.

    Renate Schmidt, former Federal Family Minister (SPD) renate schmidt said on March 14, 1987 on Bavarian Radio: “The question of whether the Germans are dying out] is one I ask in the very last place, because this is relatively irrelevant to me, as it is asked here.”

    Franziska Drohsel, SPD, former Federal Chairman of the Jusos and her association with the term “fatherland” (CiceroTV, F. Drohsel in a dispute with Philipp drohsel-0906-portraet-DW-Politik-MuenchenMißfelder von d. Junge Union, Aug 2008): “For me, the German nation is nothing at all to which I refer positively – I would even fight politically.”

    Sieglinde Frieß, Alliance 90/The Greens and Verdi-Fachbereicfries, head of sigglndeverdihs, said before parliament in the Bundestag (source: FAZ of 6 September 1989): “I wanted France to reach as far as the Elbe and Poland to border directly on France.”

    Christin Löchner, DIE LINKE: “It may surprise you, but I am a traitor to the people. I love and promote people’s death, congratulate Poland for the territory it has gained and the Czech people for the peace they deserve before the Sudeten Germans”.

    Claudia Roth, Federal Chairwoman of Bündnis90/Die Grünen, and her jw-Claudia-Roth-DW-Bayern-Berlinvision on German Unity Day, article in Welt am Sonntag of 6 February 2005:

    “On the national holiday of the Germans, the streets are drowning in a sea of red Turkish flags and a few black and red flags.”

    Claudia Roth, Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Source: RP Online 21.11.2004): “Islam cannot be tolerated merely as a religion of guest workers, but as part of our own culture.”

    Claudia Roth, Alliance 90/The Greens: “Turkey is my second home, I’ve been doing Turkey politics for 20 years” “Germans aren’t immigrants, that’s all!”

    This said Ibrahim El-Zayat, President of the Islamic Community in Germany e.V. (IGD) and other posts (Source: Youth Journal of Muslim Youth (MJ) TNT, No. 1/9, 1996, p.2): “We, who were born and raised here, we, who speak the German language and know the mentality of this people, are shaping the future of Islam in this, our country, in Germany. What is crucial is that in this country we have our freedom of religion (even if we very often have to fight for it in court) and that there is no reason not to play an active part in the restructuring of this society. I do not believe that it is impossible for the Federal Chancellor to be a Muslim born and raised in Germany in 2020, that we have a Muslim judge in the Federal Constitutional Court, that there is also a Muslim representative on the Broadcasting Council who ensures that the constitutionally guaranteed rights of Muslim citizens are respected. This country is our country and it is our duty to change it positively. With the help of Allah we will make it our paradise on earth to make it available to the Islamic Ummah and to humanity as a whole. Allah will not change a people’s situation until the people change their situation.”

    M. Walid Nakschbandi, Managing Director of the television production company AVE. He is a “German citizen” of Afghan origin and said (source): “You only have the chance to live with us. A life without us will no longer exist for you. The Ibrahims, Stefanos, Marios, Laylas and Sorayas are German reality. You will not be able to prevent a judge of Turkish origin from judging you, a Pakistani doctor curing your diseases, a Tamil in parliament passing your laws and becoming a Bulgarian of the Bill Gates of your New Economy. You will not internationalize, modernize and humanize society, but we will do it – for you. You’re just onlookers in this painful process, annoying gawpers. We will change German society into East and West.”

    Vural Öger, SPD Member of the European Parliament and entrepreneur of Öger Tours: “What Sultan Suleyman began with the siege of Vienna in 1529, we will do through the inhabitants, with our strong men and healthy women.”

    Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Alliance 90/The Greens: “We, the Greens, must ensure that as many foreigners as possible are brought to Germany. If they are in Germany, we must fight for their right to vote. Once we have achieved that, we will have the share of votes we need to change this republic.”

    Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, Bündnis90/Die Grünen, answer to the complaint about integration problems of 50 residents. (Source: Frankfurter Rundschau of 13 November 2007). Eyewitnesses said, literally “…then emigrate!”

    “Migration is a fact of life in Frankfurt. If you don’t like it, you’ll have to move.”

    SPD Chanceller candidate Martin Schulz 08.02.2017 in SPIEGEL: “What the refugees bring to us is more valuable than gold.”

    Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Greens) 16.3.2016 in WELT: “We’re suddenly getting people for free.”

    The NRW state parliament unanimously decides to abolish the oath formula “For the good of the German people”. Arif Ünal, Alliance 90/The Greens, was the applicant.

    Theodor W. Adorno: “May the Horst-Güntherchens roll in their blood and the Inges be transferred to the Polish brothels (…) Everything has happened that one wished for years: The land was wasted, millions of Hansjürgens and Utes dead.”

    Günter GraSS: “Auschwitz speaks against the right of self-determination, to which other peoples are entitled.”

    Joachim Gauck, Federal President: “We are also concerned about violence: in subway stations or on the streets, where people are also attacked because they have black hair and dark skin.” ““The elites are not the problem, the people are the problem.”


    1. “These people with their diverse culture, their warmth and joie de vivre are welcome, they are an enrichment for all of us. – Maria Boehmer, CDU


      1. Merkel: “Today many people are again shouting on Mondays: ‘We are the people’. But in fact they mean: ‘You do not belong – because of the colour of your skin or your religion’. Do not follow those who have called the rallies. Because all too often they have prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts.”


      2. “I swear that I will dedicate my efforts to the well-being of the German people, promote their welfare, protect them from harm, uphold and defend the Basic Law and the laws of the Federation, perform my duties conscientiously, and do justice to all. So help me God.”

        “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour!”
        Oath of office broken a million times over. Damn liars.


  9. Why is “migrant” housing being torched while evil traitors like Lindner go unpunished? The true enemy is the Rothschild cartel, and its mouth is the anti-white communist media. Remove both with absolute ferocity, and the “migrants” will be a piece of cake.


    1. Edgar Bronfman during Lothar De Maiziere’s visit to New York in September 1990: “There will be a terrible end for the Germans if future generations stop paying Israel (…). Then the German people will disappear from the earth.” (Joachim Kohln, Harold Cecil Robinson, The Moses Inheritance, p. 3 and Harold Cecil Robinson, Damned Anti-Semitism, p. 119)–million-more-for-holocaust-survivors-ap_world61cb4ebb8368403994121d82b1a6ca8f


  10. CIA chief Michael Hayden expects civil war in Germany

    Already in April 2008 the Kopp publishing house had reported exclusively about a secret study of the CIA, according to which the CIA expects internal civil wars in many European conurbations at the latest around the year 2020 around. Kopp Online was therefore accused of “scaremongering” and unprovable “speculation”. At the time, the CIA study was still classified. Now CIA chief Michael Hayden himself has come out into the open – and warns urgently against the emerging civil wars in the heart of Europe.

    CIA chief Hayden is quoted by the renowned Washington Post newspaper as saying that Europe will continue to see strong growth in the Muslim population. At the same time, the birth rates of the old-established European population would continue to decline. The integration of these Muslim migrants will present the European states with great challenges – and will significantly increase the potential for civil wars and extremists. Hayden made this statement in a public speech at Kansas State University.

    The CIA chief thus made public for the first time the summary of a CIA study on globalisation, migration and impending civil wars, which we quoted on 3 April 2008. In the CIA study presented by KOPP EXKLUSIV in April, the “ungovernability” of many European conurbations is predicted “around 2020”. In Germany this allegedly includes: parts of the Ruhr area (namely Dortmund and Duisburg), parts of the federal capital Berlin, the Rhine-Main area, parts of Stuttgart, districts of Ulm and suburbs of Hamburg.

    The CIA sees similar developments over the same period in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Italy. The study speaks of “civil wars” that would make parts of the aforementioned countries “ungovernable”. The background to the study is migration movements and the lack of willingness to integrate on the part of some immigrants who are struggling to find “ethnically largely homogeneous areas without rights” and who would defend them against all attempts at integration, including by force of arms. Against this background, the CIA claims that parts of Europe will “implode” and that the European Union in its currently known form will probably break apart.

    The CIA classifies serious youth riots, as they have occurred in recent months in French suburbs, the Netherlands, Denmark, Great Britain and Sweden, as “harbingers” of these coming civil wars. In the coming years, the crime of unemployed children of immigrants will increase, and the increasing social spending of European countries will not be enough to keep this population group permanently quiet.

    The CIA study points out that in some European countries up to 70 percent of imprisoned criminals (for example in Spain as well as in France) already come from Islamic culture. A considerable proportion of migrants see Europe as weak and dedicated to its demise. The laws, values and standards would not be recognised. This would considerably increase the potential for unrest in the coming years.


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