The “French” team celebrates its World Cup victory in classy style

That “Je ne sais quoi” touch of class you can only find in France is fully in evidence here as the the “French” team celebrates its victory over Uruguay in the World Cup. They do this, literally, by singing “SHeeeeeit!” over and over. If you look carefully, you may be able to see an old-type French person somewhere.


10 thoughts on “The “French” team celebrates its World Cup victory in classy style

  1. Very black-pilling, this. But it must be rubbed in the faces of we Whites, again and again, to elicit the reaction needed. We need more White people to become outraged, get off of their comfy sofas, out of their office-chairs, go out into the real ever-darkening world and actually push back against this insanity!!

    REFUSE to address foreigners to France as “French”, invaders of the U.K., Germany, Sweden as “English, German, Swedish”, etc., etc.! Unlike America, where the Whites who founded the country and later immigrated here came from a potpourri of European nations, the difference between us and everyone else here being chiefly our obvious Whiteness, the European countries have historically had particular ethnic White makeups, more defined. In the past, people knew the difference between, say, a Frenchman and an Irishman or Scot. And the countries from which each different White ethnicity hailed were correctly associated with only the particular ethnicity. We simply MUST NOT let Europeans be replaced – in fact and in name – by the Jew or anyone else!

    America may indeed be the “melting pot” now that (((the liars))) have said it “always was”, and it may be too late to reverse the process, but the distinct European countries, along with their respective ethnic identities, MUST fight against what’s happening. The different countries in Europe are the ANCIENT homelands for every White person on the planet, be they presently “American” or “Canadian” or “Australian” or “South African” or whatever else. We ALL have our roots somewhere in Europe. So ALL Whites, world-wide, need to push back HARD against the destruction of Europe and European people.

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  2. While on all other European teams at least half the players were white, France seems to be making a point of showing off its own negrification by having only 6 white players out of 23 (26.08%).

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    1. That Anne Frank propaganda leaves out a few details: Otto Frank and his brother were wanted by the German civil authorities over improper management of the funds in what was their family bank; Otto’s brother avoided arrest by moving to the US, Otto and his family originally sought Switzerland but ended up in Holland where Otto Frank supplied the German forces with pectin. They went into hiding when the eldest daughter reached the age at which all German boys and girls were called up to do some form of state service, either in the military or social services (several countries in Europe still have this practice) and, had she responded to such a call-up order, as she was required to do, that might have led to Frank being questioned by Dutch and German civil authorities. The Franks were actually caught out by their use of ration cards which was then a huge black-market racket in Holland.

      In the US, members of Roosevelt’s administration, including jewish ones, were opposed to massive immigration because Americans did not want to be sucked into the European War (and this would exacerbate the immigration and war debate) and the Zionists in the US and Palestine decided that German Jews would be more useful to their cause if allowed to stay in Europe (cynical, eh?). We now know, from a Freedom of Information Act application in 2012 in the US that Roosevelt and his Cabinet, as well as Churchill and his government ministers, knew that Japan would attack Pearl Harbor and Roosevelt even knew the exact week in December 1941 in which the attack would take place. Roosevelt made no attempt to protect Pearl Harbor and its ships and naval staff, thousands of whom were sacrificed to the cause of the war that was wanted and planned for by the traitors in the US. Roosevelt’s grandfather was the owner of many of the ships which the Sassoon family used to transport opium into China, thus securing the Roosevelts’ and the Sassoons’ family fortunes (his grandfather’s surname was Delano and FDR’s middle initial i Delano; Delano and the Sassoons were Jewish and the Sassoons boasted that they only employed other jews throughout their ‘business’ in China which killed and drugged millions of Chinese.


  3. As a schoolchild – led by overweight women – you can be a real nationalist for a moment before entering multicultural society, with its tolerance and welcome culture. The children obviously enjoy it, apparently very deep instincts are activated. The fact that a Muslim journalist draws attention to this makes you think on the constitution of the British state.


  4. Hardly surprising that no Frenchman can identify with this.
    In fact, playing against them means playing against Africa.


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