Jews debate whether populism is a threat to democracy


Look at the list of participants in this debate.


Debate host: Eric Kaufmann, the Jew who does A/B testing to find out which messages get the goyim to accept their own ethnic engulfment and extinction most readily). He has a book coming out called Whiteshift: immigration, populism and the myth of majority decline”.

Debate participants:

Yascha Mounk (Jew) – This is the Jew who boasted that “we are engaged in a unique historical experiment, transforming a mono-ethnic country into a multi-ethnic one”.

David Goodhart (Jew) – A Jew who graciously deigned to point out that white people had ethnic interests they should be allowed to defend, before being corrected by his fellow Jew David Aaronovitch. Note the “us and our legitimate white self-interests”.


Sasha Polakow-Suransky (Jew) – a South African Jew, author of “Go Back to Where You Came From”.


Oh, yes, and there’s Claire Fox, the token goyess they allowed in just to make it look real. Her thick accent gives off an impression of stupidity, which will no doubt set the smooth-talking Jews off to advantage.

Populism, of course, is democracy. So what the Jews are really saying here is “Is democracy a threat to our control? Could the goyim really find a way to break through our defences?”




33 thoughts on “Jews debate whether populism is a threat to democracy

  1. They are, as they always have done historically, playing both ends against the middle in the sense that they are identifying themselves with us, the Caucasian peoples of the West who, historically, have been Christian for at least 1,700 years (which fact, by the way, adds to the historical truth that it is Christianity, two thousand years old, which is the oldest of the three ideologies which came out of the East: Judaism, which should more correctly be termed Talmudism, was codified around 500AD and Islam appeared around the early 600AD period). They hope, by referring to themselves as whites, to escape the ultimate retribution when whites will reassert themselves over conquerors as whites have been doing for thousands of years. Whenever they begin to speak of themselves as ‘whites,’ we really ought to remind them that they are ‘semites’, quite a different people, and should, after all, own up to that fact since they wish to ‘celebrate diversity.’

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  2. A huge problem for us is the lemmings see these as white people not Jews, a fact I often curse. And even a lot who know they’re Jewish still see them as white.

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    1. “And even a lot who know they’re Jewish still see them as white.”

      We’re looking at YOU, Jared Taylor: They are NOT huWyte, good sir.

      *Same here, Fuhrerious88. I do feel your pain, brother.


  3. Funny thing: only populism from certain quarters – racially aware White quarters – can threaten their preferred brand of populism, anti-White “democracy”.

    The poisonous mushroom never ceases to strain the boundaries of White tolerance…

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  4. Demoncracy is full blown of jewish communism, lies,lies, lies and more jewish excrement lies. Even when I see jew I see him in hot boiling jew excrement !!!


  5. If you would know what’s going on there. Today I read about an ulcus cancer named Robert “Menasse” and his good shiksa Ulrike “Guérot” (Open Society Foundation). Man, is that sick, one can’t imagine. I don’t read about it anymore, otherwise I get upset and my circulation makes me feel bad.

    Why do Germans have to imitate idiotic Jewmurican trends?
    “Bandidos” banned because they are associated with violence.

    Scruton is some kind of interesting person

    Well, she’s got a little “roof damage” (Dachschaden).

    The only listenable song of him spouds quite “German”


    1. Übermensch shows up in the pride of Afro-Germans, who instinctively feel superior to “ordinary” Afro-Americans. There is even racism between niggers and between kikes! It’s in the genes. The phenomenon of envy for an above-average level of intellect is known from Israel: “German Jews” are considered always on the top.

      No wonder: Their names are even often German. There must have been a connection with the parasitic symbiosis with Germany. But all German virtues are quickly lost after one or two generations. It’s like with German shepherds in America, who lose all discipline, because simply the environment is not German.


      1. The “relevance” depends on your and your readers’
        level of education. Be glad not all of them are idiots.


  6. Despite..

    – white gentiles outnumbering jews by 25 or 30 to 1
    – a church every six or ten blocks in every city and town across the nation
    – many Protestant & Evangelical uni’s (seminaries, law & journo schools), Liberty U, etc
    – many Catholic uni’s (seminaries, law schools), Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Federalist Society
    – university Boards of Trustees consisting of local business elites in high-white, few-jew regions
    – media magnates Rupert Murdoch, Carlos Slim
    – families Mercer, Koch, Mars, Walton, DeVos & (Erik) Prince
    – Gates, Buffet, Branson, Bezos, Musk
    – men’s sports and hunting & fishing clubs, gun clubs, farmer groups, school boards, chambers of commerce, credit unions: untold thousands of orgs without jews in which people interact face to face, and initiate projects

    despite ALL of this..


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