Steve Bannon attacks French president: “A Rothschild banker who never made any money, the ultimate definition of a loser”


Steve Bannon seems to be trying to carve out a new role for himself as a guru to Europe’s nationalist parties. He recently held court in Rome, granting an audience to various European “populists”. Now, in an interview with the French magazine, Valeurs Actuelles, he lays into Emmanuel Macron, who last week warned of the “rising leper”, the “nationalism that is being reborn, the closed border that some people are suggesting”.

“We have been called deplorables, obscurantists and now lepers

The French are realising how much Macron has become an embarrassment. He’s a Rothschild banker who never made any money, the ultimate definition of a loser. He would sell his soul for nothing. Macron dreams of being somebody. He wants to be a historical global figure, he thinks he’s a new Napoleon. Except authority doesn’t come from the imagination, but from reality. And the reality is that Macron speaks while Salvini and Orban act.

Macron dedicates all his energy to trying to contain the populist wave and that’s all he’ll be remembered for. But it’s impossible to stop it. Macron’s expiry date is approaching fast!”


6 thoughts on “Steve Bannon attacks French president: “A Rothschild banker who never made any money, the ultimate definition of a loser”

  1. The fact he hasn’t been able to produce any children shows he’s a poor fit to be the leader of a populous white country. Unless someone is obviously a homosexual or incapable of reproducing due to biological reasons then not wanting to have children belies an evil, heartless personality, a character that is the ultimate failure (in evolutionary terms).

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    1. Emmanuel Macron (French President) = no chilren
      Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) = no children
      Theresa May (UK Prime Minister) = no children
      Mark Rutte (Dutch Prime Minister) = no children
      Stefan Löfven (Swedish Prime Minister) = no children
      Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish Prime Minister) = no children
      Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission) = no children


      1. Gee, I wonder why? Interestingly they’re also all pro mass third world migration. Do they enjoy sexually abusing children? Is this why they import a younger, more fecund population than the indigenous who they’ve got balls to the wall taxed to death?

        I suppose we should count ourselves lucky they’ll be dead (sooner rather than later) someday and their degenerate lines will end.

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  2. Chrysostomos: Paedophilia is one of the major reasons for this mass invasion of third worlders: both judaism and islam have, within their central texts, support for sexual abuse of children — islam, by inference of mohamed’s example, as the ‘perfect man’ whom all moslems should emulate, with his ‘marriage’ to Aisha when she was six and the ‘consummation’ of the marriage when she was nine; also, in the Koran in Sura 4 (“The Women”) when it discusses divorce of wives who have not yet menstruated (pre-puberty) and islamic scholars regard this as support for marriage and sex with children, there being no age limit re marriage with ‘minors.’ In judaism, it is far more blatant, with the ‘age of sexual awareness’ in females as “three years and a day old” (“may be taken in marriage by the act of coition”) and in males age of sexual awareness is nine and, therefore, sex with boy under that age is not ‘genuine’ sex (as with a ‘male’ being an adult and for which there is condemnation in the Old Testament that sex with a ‘male’ (fully sexually aware) by another male is an ‘abomination’.

    In order to make the sexual depravity of these two ideologies more prevalent and ‘acceptable’ in Western countries, apart from the work of mainstream media (owned to a great extent by jews), it is an obvious tactic to bring these two ideologies into more dominant positions (Moslems as a minority whose ‘practices’ must not be impinged on because of the need for ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’) and Judaism (supposedly because of past persecutions by Christian Westerners). MSM never revealed the extent of mass gang rape of Christian Caucasian children by Moslems because rape is a means by which a people are cowed and made subservient and their genes and pride defiled by the perpetrators.

    This is also why Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Transgenderism, Bisexuality, etc, are extolled by our enemies; they make children particularly vulnerable to paedos and render parents helpless through legislation enforcing their teachings and practices (all those Gay Pride parades are aimed at presenting these perversions as ‘fun’ and ‘mainstream’). Notice the present trend to remove feminine and masculine clothing amongst children and put them all into a ‘uniform.’ Hundreds of thousands of children brought into Europe end up in the sex slave trade continent-wide and in the USA, thousands disappear every year from amongst the native children with no trace of them.

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    1. Islam has the same child abuse loophole as Judaism; a boy with no beard/pubic hair is not considered a man and therefore buggering them isn’t haram since the law is clearly aimed at prohibiting sex between men.

      I spread this “pro-mass migration = pro-paedophilia” meme far and wide, many folk don’t put the two together and linking mass migration with something as odious as paedophilia is a great tactic to create an aversion reaction in people.

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