Jewess Albright: America should let itself be invaded by illegals so it can order Europe to do the same


Madeleine Albright – who claims to have only discovered her “Jewish background” in 1996 – has written a book insinuating that Trump and the anti-immigration forces in Europe are “fascist”. She appeared on the Andrew Marr show this morning to promote the book.

Asked about the policy of taking invader children away from invader parents, she describes it as “un-American” and insists “There’s plenty of room for people in the United States”.

One of her arguments for the US going easy on its invaders is interesting.  If we don’t let them in here, we won’t have any credibility when we order Europeans to let them in there.

“It makes it very hard for America to tell Europeans what to do if we can’t figure out how to be more humane ourselves.”



87 thoughts on “Jewess Albright: America should let itself be invaded by illegals so it can order Europe to do the same

  1. Wow. Is she still alive? Ever notice how these globalist jews live a VERY long time? Allen Greenspan, Henry Kissinger, Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, etc. Anyway…what right has the U.S. to tell Europe how to do anything?


  2. Apropos warning: This is droll (German: “drollig”) and shows superiority, serenity and sovereignty.


  3. There seems to be an agreement between Jews that the number of
    family members murdered in the “Holocaust” should ideally be be-
    tween 20 and 30. (All too straight numbers sound untrustworthy.)
    This just sounds credible, whereby the amount of the number “in-
    tensifies” the deterrent effect and the everlasting feeling of guilt.

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  4. Documentaries from the 80’s

    Although Heinkel was a Swabe, he is “embarrassing” the “Hanse city of Rostock” which was under communist rule for 40 years, though his connections to the Nazi regime”. The only thing they give the inventor of the jet plane is a ridiculous iron board that nobody knows.


  5. The old cunt and whore also warns, seen on this French channel.

    English is a Germanic language? Since German
    now consists of more English, one can say yes.


    1. It’s not about any “points”. Austists (is that a Jewish invention?) collect points. It’s jusr about some interesting contributions, nothing more. Apparently they are so interesting that you had to read them all without contributing a single one of your own.

      Drink your Jim Beam


    2. My father said there were no stupid questions, just stupid answers. Really?

      But since you’re asking, I’m trying to answer your “question”. When you
      look at all the “forums”, you will come across the following pattern. Article:
      “Imagine if the Jews, Muslims, etc. were that bad, they do it to you!” (feel bad)

      Ordinary answers:
      “They’re all bastards!” (conviction)
      “You can’t feel safe anymore!” (Fear)
      “We’ll show them!” (threat)

      Say: Always the same bullshit.

      At least my “autistic” contributions seem at least worth reading.


    3. In other words, someone who is not Jewish brainwashed now counts as “autistic”. One could also say that being in a filter bubble/echo-chamber is a sign (Cain mark) of autism. Anything beyond that is burned by autistic people as “autism”.

      Since a troll is characterized by pure bullshit replies without making any “point” of himself, I would now be urgently interested in your own “point”. At least there’s something substantial to grasp besides pure air (speech bubble).


    4. Saying “Jews are destructive” might satisfy you. Then I obviously would have confirmed your “point”. However, this stupidity insults the intelligence of every adult individual. I’m not for idiocy, no matter how you call it. If that was what I had to “get rid of” before going to bed, I could shoot myself right away.


      1. One could say Jewish or Muslim thinking is one-dimensional.
        But the head is round so that thoughts can change direction.
        Free thinking was and is the cause of our cultural success.

        There are even “American” women who are way ahead of you
        and superior to you. wonderful! Such people bring us forward,
        because curiosity for everything extraordinary is our soul.


    5. Since you do not reveal yourself “through your own thoughts”, you give cause for speculation. Who knows if you are not a Jew sitting at the computer in Israel, and who my thoughts upset so much that he has to write an evil “commentary”? It remains shady and dark.


    6. (((JIMBEAM)))

      Is there a nicer motto for a website that does not censor?
      So is it MY fault, as the only commentator here, to be con-
      sidered an “autist” for people who work in the background
      and never speak up? There you go! A pathetic display for you!


      1. By motto I meant “Diversity macht frei” (frees up).
        What better invitation for intellectual exchange?

        You’ve already documented that readers can’t expect that
        from you. Isn’t it exciting and interesting how a “stupid
        question” can make the whole person ad absurdum?


    7. In a way, you’re “right”: The most practical thing is to let the brainless like you die brainless and sink the whole world into the abyss with them.

      Unfortunately, my fucking “goddamn” German idealism, which rejects this kind of jewish ignorance and selfishness, prevents me still from that. Apparently I’m not jewed enough yet.

      But I’m sure you could teach me how to do it!


      1. This is something that was commonplace before the
        anonymous Jewmericunized “supermarket” culture.


    1. His family research leads from Germany to the USA, and there the traces lead to Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. The region is also known as the “Amish Country”, because it is home to many of the Amish people of German origin who still live like 300 years ago: “I have the feeling that my father stands on every street corner, they look like the Kellys 20 years ago.

      During his research in the USA, Joey Kelly can trace his ancestor line back almost 300 years, sees where and how the family lived and even meets distant relatives whose lives show astonishing parallels to those of the well-known musicians. And in the USA he also receives the hint where he has to keep looking: “Insanity! “You drive thousands of miles and at the end you’re back where you started.”–Reportagen/Alle-Dokumentationen/Startseite/?sendung=2810813345949857


  6. Somewhere I read that the western world was destroyed by “pop and rock music”, hollowed out inside. Degenerate art became the carrier of destruction. Why? Because it gets “mindblowing” so quickly into the subconscious and gets stuck there.

    When I recently reported about Depeche Mode “discoverer and patron” Daniel Miller, I not only noticed his dedication to American Satanist “Boyd Rice” (he perverted and abused Goebbel’s “Total War”, it only means to collect and concentrate all resources for the survival of the people, not the will to destoy), I realized why the man is so fond of soring German music: His father’s name wasn’t Miller, it was Müller.

    What perverse piece of shit paints his fingernails like a woman and sucks the Jew’s ass?


    1. Anudda Chris (((Stein))). Without Moroder or Kraftwerk it
      would have sounded like a nigger production by “motown”


  7. When I asked myself if I was “autistic”, for fun I passed several Austism tests on the Internet exclusively with “negative” results. No wonder! Autism does not mean wanting to come into contact with one’s environment! Just like the silent “critic” JIMB.

    Anglo-German brit James Last (he was really like Anglo-austrian Freddy Quinn)


  8. Just imagine someone coming into a whorehouse and saying to the men: “Are you perverts?” But then disappear. So “JIMB” also looked in here and said “autistic” instead of “perverse”.

    I assume that he projected on me his greatest difficulty, namely to get in contact with people, and used it as a “swearword”, for either he feels recognized or he lacks the sincerity and spiritual substance to participate in this “autistic” forum with at least one substantial contribution.

    Just as the “visitor” disappeared in the whorehouse because he knew he couldn’t get his dick standing. What a poor “contemporary”. A comrade-in-arms for the common cause could never be such a person.


    1. In 10 years’ time, he will accuse men who want to satisfy a woman sexually with the accusation: “Are you male?” Out of cowardice to participate in reproduction. If he doesn’t even use an intelligent word here as a sign of his competence, then he will also pour his genetic information into the toilet in his quiet closet. That’s right! We don’t need that! We’re all upstanding whites.


  9. Although America is more German than British, “American music” has always been foreign to me. There were a few American groups that became successful in Europe, Suzie Quatro, The Cars, Talking Heads, or … Blondie. But otherwise. But there were some electronic musicians who created something original. Like Morton Subotnik. Czech name like Jan Hammer.

    The Polack Ocasek maried a Polack, what a wonder.

    “Canadians” who copied Europeans, understandable.

    Faltermeyer about the coming of idea for “Axel F”

    Tha’t my absolute favourite, he looks like my son


  10. Dutch-Australian Flash & The Pan

    Look at his “Amsterdamers” in the background (2012)

    Don’t know what Flash & The Pan has to do with America,
    but this German fool gives free rein to his USA-Elvis world.


  11. Apropos Heroes (German Helden). Yesterday I found Frankfurt Jew
    Zimmer’s collaboration with Canadian Warren Cann (Ultravox) 1983


  12. Carpenter’s sound was in spite of this niggerish
    rockabilly fidgeting still “European”, if you like.

    Reminds of Stray Cats, which were also produced in
    England. But I can’t listen to this shit for long, no mat-
    ter how many contortions (“show acts”) they do on stage.

    I like the sober trio much better.


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