Average IQ of immigrants in Western Europe and the US is 89, the West is getting dumber



The PIAAC – Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, also called the PISA for adults, is an international survey assessing the cognitive abilities and skills of the adult populations of western countries (and several other countries too). It includes a reading comprehension assessment, a math ability assessment, and an assessment for problem solving in computer environments.

The PIAAC samples are nationally representative, with 5000-10000 people per country and include data from total of 215 000 respondents.

The tests have similarities with those from PISA, which are highly correlated with IQ. The testing was done in 2012-2013 and things could have gotten worse since then.

The tests predict IQ of 85 for US blacks, 90 for US hispanics, and 101 for US whites, which is broadly consistent with most research on this issue, as well as US SAT scores.


I decided to use math ability as a proxy of IQ (for example math tests on the SAT, AFQT  and the WAIS are highly G loaded). Using literacy is more problematic, as it is possible that the immigrants did not yet learn the language very well, regardless of their IQ. With math things should be more accurate.

Assuming that the IQ of the native born population in most western countries is 100, and in the US is 98, with an SD of 52 (this is the SD for the total countries sample, there are relatively small differences between the different countries), these are the things that i found:

Western Europe gets the worst migrants; the US gets bad migrants too; Canada – somewhat better. Australia is better too, but their migrants still perform worse than the native population. New Zealand gets the best migrants, only slightly worse than the native population. As far as i know Australia and New Zealand import lots of white, Chinese, or rich migrants (high earnings are correlated with IQ), so that higher migrant IQ makes sense. Of all countries, Sweden and Scandinavian countries in general get the worst migrants.


100 native IQ assumed for most countries

IQ of migrants in Western countries:


New Zealand 99,1

Australia 96,6

Italy 95 (note that this is before the current migrant crisis, for 2012-2013)

Canada 94

Ireland 94 (based on native IQ 94)

England (UK) 92

Austria 90,8

Spain  90,8  (based on native IQ 97)

Belgium (Flanders) 90,1

Denmark 89,3

Germany 89,2

USA  89  (based on native IQ 98)

Western Europe  89

France 87,2

Norway  86,5

Finland 85

Netherlands 84

Sweden 84


As you can see, Sweden got the worst deal. Not surprisingly, the IQ of the country is dropping, although they blamed TV and tablets for that.

Another interesting thing to emerge from the data is that Japan has the highest IQ of all developed countries (based on math ability + reading comprehension, which is highly correlated with IQ). Maybe 4-5 IQ points above the average of Western Countries. But the most interesting thing is that the Japanese have lower variability than westerners, which could lead to westerners ultimately having more geniuses per capita than the Japanese, which could explain the dominance of westerners among Nobel Laureates and revolutionary scientific breakthroughs. I saw that theory discussed (and refuted) several times in the past, and this is the first time where I have seen that the actual data backs up this theory. So this finding is big and i haven’t seen anyone mention it up to now.

Another important thing is evidence that IQ in various western countries is dropping. For example math ability in the general population of the US, Canada, Norway, and the Netherlands declined compared to 2003-2008.

Screenshot-2018-6-30 US PIAAC - Report



17 thoughts on “Average IQ of immigrants in Western Europe and the US is 89, the West is getting dumber

  1. While the Japanese and Koreans may have higher overall IQ’s than Whites, the article makes an important point about the lack of inventiveness within Asian cultures. It is Whites that have the creative spark, the magic combination that comes with BOTH high IQ and high testosterone levels, the hormone that controls motivation, drive, ambition, exploration and creativity. Blacks have very high testosterone, much more than Whites, but low IQ, which leads to the inability to control assertiveness, which results in impulsive behavior. Asians are the reverse; high IQ but lower testosterone levels, which decreases personal drive, creativity and invention.

    Because of this, Japanese and Koreans are not creators or innovators; they are optimizers. They’re not the “idea guys”. It’s Whites who created the automobile, radio, TV, train, computer, light bulb, etc. etc. The Asians then took those ideas to the next level, i.e. from the train to the mag lev train, from the radio to the electronic radio, etc. Asians are excellent as improving upon an idea, but they cannot generate the idea themselves. This is why there is no Asian counterpart to Edison, Tesla, Marconi, Daimler, Ford, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Beethoven, Handel, Bach, Mozart, and so on. There never will be an Asian counterpart to any and all of these great creators because the creative spark of the human species lies only in the White race. This is why in order to rule over a world of arrested development that does not move forward but stagnates in mediocrity, Whites have to be destroyed as a race. A world with Asians but without Whites would plateau for a couple generations and then start a significant and continuous decline.

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    1. What i found in this data and never saw mentioned somewhere else in combination with relevant data is that japanese have less variable IQ – in other words they are more concentrated around the center of their mean 105, while whites are more variable – have higher standard deviation, which could lead to a situation where there are more very high IQ individuals among whites than among japanese.

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      1. Passerby: Yes, that’s true of all the data I’ve reviewed, as well, and why Whites produce many more geniuses than Asians regardless of their overall higher IQ.

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  2. Perhaps what should also be mentioned in this discussion is the role of freedom of speech, without which freedom of thought, questioning, debate, expansionism, inventiveness and willingness to challenge a condition or concept and attempt to improve upon it, are severely restricted. It cannot be a mere coincidence that the history of the West is centred on the development from philosophical discussion and debate on into the reality of securing freedom of speech; Asian and Africans societies seem too acquiescent and obedient to higher authorities and raw power and that may be a factor in why, despite higher IQ in some respects, that ‘spark’ — to “strive, to seek and not to yield” belongs to the West because it has used freedom of speech and thought to ignite the best in man’s intellect and achievements.

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    1. Anonymous: That’s a great point, as well. Because of low testosterone, Asians by nature are more submissive and less challenging of governments and other forces that seek to stunt debate, which is central to creativity and advancement.

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  3. When the “diva of the house” has decided to adopt a little bearded Refugee child, the cards are reshuffled. (The defensive posture of the older daughter seems to mean: “Mommy and Yussuf do strange things when dad’s not at home.”)

    “Refugees” with do-gooder-sponsored flat screen. Finally, it must be ensured that they too can follow the World Cup, otherwise it would be “discrimination”.


  4. 3554.00 € (10.000 D-Marks now) per month for “Herr Ahmed and Frau Othman”
    https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Othman Sheer madness rules Europe meanwhile.


  5. Merkel’s functionary in the “EU” fake parliament, Elmar Brok, has been freaked out on the question: ‘Why does Germany attract so many migrants to Europe.’ Such questions will not asked by German system media, therefore he is not used to that.


  6. The post-porn activist from Barcelona

    Apparently Barcelona is ruled feministly by a feminist mayor. You won’t notice it from her, but her head of urban communications is supposedly a post-porn sexual liberation activist. And if the photo that’s circulating on the net is right (and now everyone can think for themselves if that’s true), then Barcelona will win tremendously from its political staff. Don’t shock me like that, I saw something like that on a safari with wild elephants the other day. Apparently she is well known for this and makes her selfie in front of the Brandenburg Gate with her pants down. Seems to be the newest illustrious company in Barcelona in general. And generally seem to enjoy public standing peeing as a hobby.

    In general, I wouldn’t even believe that if I didn’t know something similar from the other feminist and lesbian scene.

    Well, as they say, time for women to take power. And we should also open ourselves up to female qualifications and break away from our old-fashioned-sexist-patriarchal ideas, according to which we expect professional qualifications and services for public offices. That would be discriminatory against women. The female focus keeps coming back to urine and menstruation, and that has to be enough as a qualification to become communications manager of a city like Barcelona. Amazingly many women see their qualifications solely in the – more or less successful and unerring – elimination of body fluids. And since the lady studied art or something, she probably has a degree in it.

    (And my goodness, they don’t seem to be able to get over the standing pee. What should one think of people whose central purpose in life is to somehow be able to pee in a standing position?)



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