America acts a global enforcer for the Jews

So Poland succumbed to Jewish pressure and backed down on criminal penalties for its “Polish death camp” law. America played its usual role of acting as a global enforcer for the Jews.

Marek Markowski, a nationalist activist, said the amendment was a “disgraceful surrender” to “Israel’s extortion and strong-arming that apparently mean that this foreign nation is interfering with our internal matters,” he wrote on Twitter.


Markowski and others seized on Israel’s unusually vocal opposition to the law. But behind the scenes, many Polish analysts said, the real reason for the concession appeared to be pressure by the United States, not Israel.


In March, the Onet news site said it had obtained documents showing that  Morawiecki and President Andrzej Duda would not be received by President Donald Trump or any other member of the U.S. administration if the law was not revised. Onet said it did not publish the documents to protect the source.


Staff from the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw also threatened to suspend funding for joint military projects between the United States and Poland, according to the Onet report.

Polish and U.S. officials denied the claims. But Trump and Duda did not meet once during the Polish leader’s five-day visit to the United States last month, while Trump did meet with the president of Uzbekistan at the White House.


Pundits in Poland also noted American pressure. Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, a former Polish ambassador to Russia, blamed “brutal, political blackmail by the United States” for the decision to amend the law, she told the Tok FM broadcaster on Wednesday.


In an op-ed for the Opinie news site, columnist Maciej Deja wrote that the amendment came “when it turned out that, despite the Polish position, the United States also stood on the Jewish side.”


Even Krzysztof Bosak, a far-right activist who promotes conspiracy theories about Israel, acknowledged that the pressure to defang the Holocaust law came primarily from the United States. Calling the amendment “disastrous,” he blamed Poland’s “blind and one-sided alliance with the United States” in an interview with the Dziennik Zachodni daily. But Israel did play an “inspirational role,” he also said.


America played a similar role in recently pressuring the Icelandic government to abandon its plans to outlaw circumcision.

This excellent thread on Twitter explores the subject in full. Here are two key extracts from it.


Conceptualise a Gentile muscleman who goes around threatening and roughing up the victims of a Jewish loanshark or racketeer. America and the Jews are like the Master-Blaster duo in Mad Max 3: Beyond the Thunderdome.



7 thoughts on “America acts a global enforcer for the Jews

    1. It is neither Israel nor the US which wields the ultimate power: it is Jewish dominance in finance, media, and ‘academia’, the three main leverages in power plays: money, control of the ‘narrative’ and guaranteeing that future generations are ‘educated’ to their plan.

      The way to break this is by exposing the ideology of Judaism, in the same way that exposing Islam as an ideology was the means by which the public has been weaned, throughout the West, from the propaganda of the governments and their lackeys. What is presently lacking as well is that strong man of history and the final snapping of people’s obeisance to their ‘masters.’

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      1. “The way to break this is by exposing the ideology of Judaism, in the same way that exposing Islam as an ideology”

        That’s EXACTLY why Jews are going out of their way to help Muslims. If people learned just how evil Islam is they would also start looking into other ideologies, like Judaism.

        I know this because that’s how I learned about Judaism and how it’s the basis for Islam.

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      2. Of course, but that “power” never reveals itself openly in any distinct way but acts through various institutions, including government, the two most powerful of which have always been the U.S. and Israel. Therefore, any decision made by Washington D.C. is as good as coming from Tel Aviv.


    1. Jappy, You, I and most of this site’s readership do know of the ideological connections between Judaism and Islam (the latter deriving from the former, particularly in its Sharia as Law) BUT the majority of people in the West, (if I consider the thousands of comments I read on various websites and newspaper online sites) whilst they do understand in general terms how evil Islam is (gang-rapes, Jihad, polygamy, forced and child marriages, etc, etc), do not yet know of the ‘theological’ (ideological) link between Judaism and Islam. By exposing Judaism’s own halakha (laws) and teachings in the Talmud, one can then begin to explain to people the similarities or even hope they will make the logical connection themselves. Many people seem already aware of Jewish influence, power and dominance in crucial areas: they need to know that the ‘Hate Laws’ which are strangling freedom of speech (and preventing truly open debate AND actions against invasion of alien peoples) emanate from Jewish law against “evil speech” (lashon hara in Jewish Law) and that these Hate Acts were put into effect legislatively throughout Western countries by Jewish organised bodies and organisations exerting pressure and even drawing up proposed legislation (British Board of Jewish Deputies, for example), official proposed byJewish ministers in various governments (several Jewish Home Secretaries in Britain, for example) and upheld in courts with a significant jewish presence amongst the judiciary. Also, people need to know of the historical connivance, mutual aid and administration which Jews and Moslems provided to each other especially when they are in largely Christian countries; in the present situation, people in the West have been fed the propaganda of Moslem/Jewish antipathy and hatred whereas the truth is they are united against what they have always perceived as their common enemy, the Christians and Christianity. The brouhaha over ‘israel’ and ‘palestine’ is show for the masses.


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