The mask slips: Jewish organisation forced to shut down after its contempt for the Goyim is revealed

The Jewish Voice has been forced to shut down after publishing a parody magazine cover that inadvertently revealed their contempt for the goyim they lived among.

Efforts have been made to erase and obscure these images from the internet but these two partial glimpses show much of what was there and hint at what can no longer be seen.


As proud English patriots get ready to support their national team in the soon-to-start World Cup, Jews were unable to contain the contempt they clearly feel for English indigenes.

The Jewish Voice published the cover of a pseudo-magazine titled “Fat Cunt” bearing the the subtitle “The magazine for English fans”. Its cover highlighted fictitious articles such as “How much of a bigoted cock are you? Take our quiz” and “Tear gas reviewed – which type causes most pain?”

As their cover model – and apparently someone the Jews consider emblematic of the English people as a whole – the Jews chose Paul Gregory,  a well-known Sheffield Wednesday fan.

Unfortunately, Gregory’s permission was not obtained and he has now hired a Jew of his own to explore the possibility of taking legal action against the first set of Jews. Faced with this threat, the Jews have now shut down shop and will re-badge themselves, playing the same game under a different name, a speciality Jews have perfected through the millennia, whenever Goyim Knowing has become too intense.

Jewish Voice said: “We just want to send our total apology to Paul Gregory and Sheff Weds fans who we offended by tweeting this image we saw on a Facebook group.

“Although we didn’t make the image and it appears it was made in 2016, nevertheless we should not have posted it. It was wrong and offensive.

“We did not know the man in the picture was Paul Gregory and just posted it without doing any research hence this was a serious failure and as a result we are closing the Jewish voice page.

“The admins are planning to continue to work in politics and on a similar Left-Wing jewish project but it will be different and more professional.”



6 thoughts on “The mask slips: Jewish organisation forced to shut down after its contempt for the Goyim is revealed

  1. What? No private tribunal prosecution for them? No mandatory sensitivity training? Of course, they didn’t actually apologize for anything they said on the cover or even implied by the image, but just misusing it.

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    1. i know right, but a jews gonna jew. the more this type of thing happens the quicker we can have action to remedy the problem, hubris is their downfall as pathological altruism for the invaders is ours.


  2. I hate when they try to claim Saints like George and Nicholas were Syrian (Arab) and Turkish (Turkic rape baby) respectively, given that their beatification predates the blackening of the Levant and Asia Minor.


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