Embrace of diversity is “morally abhorrent” say Jews

For years Jews have been preaching diversity to the rest of us. Now a Jew has finally preached it to his own – and found himself immediately excoriated by fellow tribe members as “morally abhorrent”.

The Jew in question is Michael Chabon, apparently a famous Jewish novelist. I should probably feel guilty about not knowing that but somehow I just don’t. This title from his oeuvre does look interesting, though. Maybe I’ll throw that one a read.


Chablon gave a speech based on a simple principle: What’s good for the Goyim is good for the Chosen. But other Jews weren’t having it. Three Jewish professors immediately wrote an angry riposte.

Surpassing the widely held view that the intermarried, their children and their non-Jewish family members ought to be welcomed warmly by the Jewish community, Chabon took the next step — or shall we say, the next giant leap. He inveighed against inmarriage itself as a desirable aspiration, as a sacred Jewish norm and as an effective instrument of Jewish continuity.

His words bear repeating, much as it pains us to write them:

An endogamous marriage is a ghetto of two. … It draws a circle around the married couple, inscribes them – and any eventual children who come along – within a figurative wall of tradition, custom, shared history, and a common inheritance of chromosomes and culture.”

Chabon urged the HUC-JIR graduates and their parents to abandon advocacy for Jewish-Jewish marriage, rejecting the view that Jewish homes with a single group identity are critical to raising Jewishly committed and Judaically competent children.

Chabon extolled the virtues of outmarriage, declaring himself a devotee of “mongrels, syncretism, integrated neighborhoods, open borders, pastiche and collage,” and, above all, “miscegenation as the source of all greatness.”

It is important to recognize that Chabon’s call to abandon inmarriage is a symbol of his larger, more grandiose objective. Promoting intermarriage was the opening shot in a drive to dismantle Judaism and put an end to the ostensibly inherent and inevitable injustices he insists religion perpetuates.
Not only is Judaism responsible for religious prejudice around the world, it is also responsible for its own demise: If Judaism disappears from the earth, Chabon asserted, “the fault for that extinction will lie squarely with Judaism itself.”

Chabon seemed content, even disturbingly relaxed, imagining the end of Judaism.

“If Judaism should ever pass from the world,” he said, “it won’t be the first time in history … that a great and ancient religion lost its hold on the moral imaginations of is adherents.”


There is a plangent irony in seeing these professors attempt to explain why Chablon is wrong. Substitute “white people” for Jews and their words could have come from an Alt Right blog.

Chabon’s assault on the positive salience of Jewish difference is dangerous, morally abhorrent and factually incorrect on at least four verifiable counts.

…We can all, like Chabon, love “pastiche and collage,” but distinctions are necessary to life and health, judgment and morality – to say nothing about science, families, communities and nations.

Finally, religious “syncretism,” which Chabon embraced, erodes ethnoreligious viability.

…Chabon naively envisions a utopian world where through wholesale intermarriage of all races, nationalities and creeds, all of humanity will be homogenized into a single “mongrelized” blandness. In practice, since Jews are a minuscule minority worldwide, this prescription would yield the disappearance of Diaspora Jews and Judaism. Christian denominations would be untouched. Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam would be unperturbed. The world with all its divisiveness would hardly notice — but it would be a world without Jews.

For Jews, applying the Golden Rule in reverse – “Treat yourself as you treat others” – is a nightmarish prospect. And you can understand why.

16 thoughts on “Embrace of diversity is “morally abhorrent” say Jews

  1. “Chabon naively envisions a utopian world where through wholesale intermarriage of all races, nationalities and creeds, all of humanity will be homogenized into a single “mongrelized” blandness”

    These will probably be brown people, as per Calergy Plan.

    But that (to have a single type world population) is not possible to work in the long run because the environment will cause people to change again. IMO in several thousand years the mixed brown population of Europe will become white again (due to lack of sun) and the brown population of Africa will become black again.


      1. Well, Michael Mann, with his ‘hockey stick’ global warming false premise and the East Anglian University’s department of ‘climatology’ are part of the tribal order, and ‘man-made global warming’ has generated quite a bit of revenue (competing with that ‘other’ tribal extortion racket) and it does have as one of its goals the despoilment of white people’s lands, wealth and their caucasian identities, so you are probably on the right track…


  2. I doubt if either the author or his critics acknowledge what is the real poisoned fruit, to the jews themselves, of all this millenia-long intermarriage amonst themselves: a very large number of genetically-linked illness, mental and physical which, due to the dependency of those afflicted probably also accounts for that predisposition towards parasitism (because the parasite group cannot itself support its own). Of course, the most powerful amongst them have outmarried for centuries but extolling intermarriage amongst their own, less intelligent/clever) is also a way of keeping the lower orders of their own people in “their” place. This ideology, as Islam, has a built-in tendency to turn on itself and self-destruct. All that is preventing that now is the failure of Western peoples to understand what is going on behind the scenes and which group is managing and pulling the levers. Once that happens, ‘outmarriage’ will not really help the parasites. Neither Nature nor God can be ignored or mocked forever…


    1. You hit on an important point. As much as the jews abhor intermarriage, or at least as they claim to, the elite jews have always intermarried with Whites. Why? Precisely because they need our superior genes. Genetically speaking, jews are all mixed race, with as much as 13% negroid DNA, hence the “jewfro” quality of hair that often appears. With mongrelization comes dysgenics. jews are probably the most mixed race people on earth. Because of that, they have no less than 112 genetic diseases that are unique to their genome. The jewish Genetic Disease Consortium lists all of them. In contrast, blacks have one disease unique to their genome, sickle cell anemia. Whites have none.

      In addition to physical disease and damage, miscegenation always reduces intellectual capacity or IQ, as well. Because jews are a highly mixed people, they cannot have the high IQ’s they claim. It’s scientifically impossible, and the only tests of jewish IQ have included very, very small samples. Every group has outliers, but an exception to the rule never negates the rule. jewish IQ, SAT, ACT, MCAT, LSAT and other scores are always hidden within the White category. I believe that is to conceal their naturally low IQ level. Renowned researcher, Richard Lynn’s work showed the average jewish IQ was 90, compared to Whites at 100-103. In the end, this is why elite jews don’t mind interbreeding with Whites. They need our superior genes to try to improve their future generations physically and intellectually. In a creepy way, they’re trying to “become” us through White miscegenation.


      1. Thanks for the mention of the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium site; I had a look and noted that it particularly stresses that those involved in or contemplating ‘interfaith marriage’ (with non-jews) should be particularly aware of the many genetically linked illnesses and diseases to which jews are prone (they list them according to Ashkenazi, Sephardic and other jewish groupings). This is never mentioned anywhere in msm and never in the false jewish-front of the ‘counter-jihad movement’. It was via the latter that I first learnt of consanguinity and its physical and mental disorders through first-cousin marriages amongst Moslems: when I checked the WHO listings of where consanguinity was most prevalent I did see that its dominant pattern was in the Middle East but when I once attempted to bring the jewish aspect of tribal marriage and its medically dangerous and negative effects to the attention of a prominent ‘counterjihad’ site, they refused to acknowledge or print it. A great deal of the mythology of jewish mental superiority would crumble if these facts were more widely known. Those infamous Ashkenazi IQs are only possible by deliberately leaving out a significant proportion of jews afflicted with the mental effects of such severe intermarriage over the centuries.


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