New Spanish Minister embarrassed by old tweets: “All the people are black in France???””


A new leftist government has come to power in Spain and with it fresh ministerial blood. Some of the new recruits are people without political experience, plucked from the private sector or the world of NGOs. One such is Maxim Huerta, the new Minister for Culture and Sport, formerly a writer and television journalist.

Not being practised politicos, some of these fresh faces have not been as careful in their public statements as politicians are wont to be. People have been trawling through their old tweets looking for embarrassing material, and finding it.

One of Huerta’s tweets from 2010 told a little too much truth. “All the people are black in France???”

Maybe he was inspired to this tweet by the French football team, pictured in 2010.


And if that’s what it was like in 2010, think how much worse it must be in 2018.




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