Jewish author: “An Afghan who dreams of living in France is more French than a Frenchman who tries to stop him”


“Dehors”, a work of more than 360 pages due to appear on Wednesday, is intended as “an SOS”, declares the author Yann Moix.

“An Afghan who dreams of living in France is more French than a Frenchman who does everything he can to stop him,” writes author Yann Moix furiously in “Dehors” [Outside], a long open letter to Emmanuel Macron to encourage him to review his policy on migrants.


…”The exiles are possible workers, potential entrepreneurs, virtual innovators…In many developed countries, the exiles who come to work and find a job right away participate immediately in the economy. It is an enrichment.”


Jews class Moix as a Jew on a website they have set up to boast about the great contribution Jews have made to humanity.

“I am becoming a Jew because my family is descended from Marranos and the Marranos are Jews who were obliged to become Catholics to save their lives.*  That is to say I am re-becoming a Jew. Perhaps a Jew, after all, isn’t something that you become, but something that you re-become. I would therefore like to re-become that which I am still not yet.”


The website itself states “he declared that his family were descended from Spanish Jews converted to Catholicism during the Inquisition”.


Moix himself says nothing about the Inquisition in his quoted remarks so perhaps the website authors have placed this construction on his words. But if he did say that his family converted to save their lives from the Inquisition, that makes no sense – because the Inquisition had no power over Jews. Its powers only applied to professed Christians. Jews openly practising their Judaism could not conceivably have faced any threat from the Inquisition; only Jews pretending to be Christians could.

At various times, Jews were ordered to convert to Christianity or leave Spain, on pain of execution if they remained in the country unconverted. Even then, therefore, they had the option to leave; it is not true to say they had to convert to save their lives.



7 thoughts on “Jewish author: “An Afghan who dreams of living in France is more French than a Frenchman who tries to stop him”

  1. If you are white and you speak against the Jews, then you are anti-Semitic, therefore you are a Nazi and these created the Jewish holocaust (deception), the most horrible crime against humanity, then you accuse by the hate speech in the tribunale, You can be imprisoned for that with aggravating circumstances. Understand GOYIM, we have everything tied and controlled.
    Ethnic linage is power, only for Jews, forbidden to whites.


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