Was Alison Chabloz undone by her failure to understand the Judeo-Islamic alliance?


Alison Chabloz was recently convicted of sending “grossly insulting” communications over the internet by uploading her songs, which tend to make fun of Jews or the Holocaust narrative. A sentence has not yet been imposed, although the judge warned it may be custodial, meaning jail time.

Not long afterwards, Fiyaz Mughal, of Tell Mama, wrote an article in the Jewish Chronicle, describing his association with Chabloz. Tell Mama is a Muslim advocacy organisation, which creates catalogues of “Islamophobic hate incidents” which it then uses as anti-white hate propaganda to demand more privileges for Muslims or the further suppression of the indigenous population.

In July 2013, a woman called Alison Chabloz started to provide written reports to Tell MAMA.  Over months, Chabloz impressed me with her apparent dedication to reporting abuse and defending minority communities against hate crime. I grew to admire her, to the extent that I offered her support when she was sacked from her job overseas and needed help to travel home. I came to regret I had ever let my guard down and trusted her.

Unbeknown to me, Chabloz had lost her job because she had been outed for online antisemitism. Shortly afterwards, this evidence was presented to me, making it very clear that Chabloz was not who I thought she was. Chabloz’s mission wasn’t to defend Muslims, it was to target Jews. She was obsessed with trying to find evidence that would result in Jewish people being investigated and humiliated. I realised that I had not only been conned, but used.


As I’ve mentioned several times before, Tell Mama is a “Kosher Muslim” front group  which Jews were intimately involved in setting up. It was intended as a Muslim Copy-Paste of the Jewish ethno-activist group, the Community Security Trust (CST). When the Muslims turned out to be rather cack-handed at executing the blueprint, the Jews literally moved in and did a full-scale takeover. It is now run by a Jew, Richard Benson, who was formerly the chairman of the CST.

So Alison Chabloz was reporting (presumably on Jews) to an organisation that Jews themselves had been involved in founding; and which, even back then, they were probably still assisting in an advisory capacity.

It’s worth asking how Chabloz got on the Jews’ radar (the Jewdar) in the first place? Was it actually through her reporting to Tell Mama? She reported on “Islamophobic” Jews and her Tell Mama contacts got in touch with their Jewish friends and told them about this kuffar/goy woman who kept reporting Jews to them? And the Jews then began to subject her to closer scrutiny, trawling through her social media posts, looking for ammunition they could use to get her dismissed from her job on a cruise ship?

I should stress that I don’t know any of this to be true. It is pure speculation on my part. Nonetheless, it strikes me as a plausible scenario.

While I have sympathy for Alison Chabloz, I’m struggling to see how anyone who believes that Europeans have the right to remain in secure possession of their ancestral living spaces could think that helping push the “Islamophobia” narrative was in any way in our interests. Whatever problems we face from Jews, demographic takeover isn’t one of them. Maybe she was a leftie before and only became a “white nationalist” recently?

Or could this whole thing be a lie? I have no evidence for her collaboration with Muslims other than the article in the Jewish Chronicle. It could conceivably be a falsehood intended to damage her credibility with the white nationalist community. But since she’s been photographed at “Free Palestine” events, I’m afraid it strikes me as all too plausible.

As I have documented in innumerable blog posts, the Judeo-Islamic alliance has been working together against us for 1400 years. Jews were intimately involved in the creation of Islam and even in the writing of the Koran. Their goal? Recruit a zombie army to help displace the Christian Byzantine empire from Palestine, a goal they successfully achieved. And Muslims have proved useful to them as a zombie army ever since, albeit one that occasionally slips out of control.

It is delusional for any European ethno-nationalist to think that either of the two “Semitic separatist” communities can be a reliable partner against the other. Alison Chabloz’s failure to understand that may well have been responsible for her downfall.





9 thoughts on “Was Alison Chabloz undone by her failure to understand the Judeo-Islamic alliance?

  1. Also, persons such as this woman are consistently, and all too predictably, used by the falsely-termed “counter-jihad” to elicit sympathy (and monies) for people which this jewish front determines are worthy of ‘support’ from rather naive Christian Europeans and Americans. This misdirects, and mischanels Western peoples’ attention, funds and actions, all the while the Moslem numbers grow and Jewish power increases (I would somewhat dispute that demographic increase on the part of jews is not a concern: in the sense that their control of media, academia and politicians and agenda is always increasing, so, too, are the numbers growing of those who will actively support them and who may themselves convert in order to be on what appears the undisputed ‘winning side.’)

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  2. I’ve suspected for quite some time that some (not all) of the White “heroes” aren’t what they seem and that their “mock” prosecutions exist to send a message to true Whites to shut up and fall in line, or else. Go along to get along. Let’s face it; 99% of Whites aren’t speaking out about jews, Muslims, blacks or anyone else the way they should be so, the opposition has to invent White “rebels” to get “punished” in the media to keep the message at the forefront of the minds of Whites that there are consequences for Wrong Think, and to maintain the never-ending pretext that jews need even more special rights and protections.

    A similar thing is happening right now with Alex Jones who’s being “prosecuted” for questioning the Sandy Hook incident. Alex has always been in the (((club))). Alex isn’t really going to lose anything, even if found “guilty”. The real motive there is to send a message to the broader public; Don’t question the accepted narrative or else. Alex is most likely in on the whole thing. It’s a theater show for the public.

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    1. “Tommy Robinson” (he has at least three aliases) is the most obvious false rebel, even letting the cat out of the bag by stating on Twitter, “I’m Jewish, mate” and helping out his Moslem mates by joining the Quillam group (designed to fool the British public into believing there is some moderate Islam which will prove peaceful). It’s when these ‘rebels’ start covering all the bases (pro-islam, pro-jewish, ditto blacks and asians, \immigration’ of the ‘right sort’) that the penny finally drops for a few disappointed former supporters.

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  3. The angle on with this post is an excellent example of the narrow thinking of most concerned ethnic Europeans – read: white people – regarding the conflicts associated with the jew and radical islam. Just a few points:

    1) Most appear completely unaware that the conflict of radical islam and the west is a relatively modern phenomenon. It wasn’t until the late-18th – early-20th century that this modern conflict began to take shape. The ‘robber barons’ made a pact with the banking overlords to mutually support each other with the goal of appropriating Middle East resources from the native peoples of those lands. Primarily the oil resources.

    2) That cooperative affair led to numerous interferences with the internal politics of these Middle Eastern nations – including the subversive ‘black projects’ by British/American/israeli intelligence services which undermined any and all non-sectarian democratically elected governments which sought to take control of their resources from the western ‘robber barons’.

    3) The zionists were the first modern terrorists in the region – the occupying ‘state’ of israel was founded on terrorism and remains a terrorist force. The ideologues who occupy the positions of power since the start have never been content with the original established borders and have always had their eyes on ‘greater israel’ which includes the territories belonging to Lebanon, Syria, and Iran – but parts of other long established nations as well.

    So, with those points in mind, thinking people should realize that it is the globalist/international financiers who have created this conflict – not islam. Because the jew has had its hand in both areas, it doesn’t take a Tesla to realize that the jew – and by extension, israel – is the main problem. A number of clear-headed thinkers point out that what is occurring with radical islam is blowback for the 100 years of western/zionist insult and suffering imposed upon the Middle Eastern peoples.

    I, myself, am very much an advocate for European/White emancipation from the corruptors of our nations and the instigators of white genocide. Because of that, I see that the struggle of the Palestinians as the same as our struggle – against the same occupiers and destroyers. That other whites don’t see this is because they are blinded by this romantic idea that today’s struggle can be likened to the days of the crusades, when in fact there is nothing similar about it. This is not a religious struggle – no matter who claims it is. This is a racial/political one in which religion is merely being used as a pretext.

    In the end, it is the white zionist shills who have betrayed our people for some shekels from the overall enemy of all peoples in the world – the malicious and wicked jew. The Western peoples can handle islam – we’ve done it before. But we can’t handle islam when our hands are tied by the common enemy of both.

    Alison Chabloz knows that. I know that. Most thinking people know that. It’s too bad most in the west don’t even come close to understanding that.


    1. Just saw that there are a few typos in my comment. The worst one: instead of the late-18th – early-20th century it should read the late 19th – early-20th century.

      My apologies…* heh *…😉


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