So Gid Osborne was Jewish after all


I wrote years ago that George (Gideon) Osborne was Jewish and, as I recall, some members of the counter-Semitic community insisted I was wrong. Now it has been confirmed.

George Osborne, the former chancellor of the Exchequer, has discovered that he is Jewish.

The former Tory MP revealed his maternal grandmother Clarisse Loxton-Peacock – a glamorous Hungarian emigre – was a Jew who came to Britain before the war.

Mr Osborne, 46, was informed by his youngest brother Theo who had begun investigating his maternal grandmother’s background after falling in love with a Jewish woman.

Theo Osborne, 33, an investment manager, had embarked on the lengthy process to convert in order to marry his American fiancée Justine Fisher in an orthodox Jewish ceremony.

But part way through a conversion that can take several years, he uncovered documents that proved his grandmother – born Clarisse Feher – and her family had been members of a synagogue in Budapest.

Other evidence, thought to have included Hungarian birth certificates, also demonstrated the family’s Jewish origins.


If Jewishness is just a belief system, how can you discover that you are Jewish? Can you suddenly “discover” that you are Catholic, or a Buddhist?

I can’t remember how I originally conceived the idea that Osborne was Jewish. Was it the revelation that his real name was Gideon? The perverted antics of his brother Adam, who converted to Islam so he could marry a Muslim, also seemed to me very distinctively Jewish. His chief adviser was Lord Finkelstein (aka Danny the Fink) and, in virtually all respects, he hewed to the Jewish agenda. For example, at the time Jews were clamouring for airstrikes on Syria years ago, Osborne was reported to be its strongest advocate in the cabinet.

But apparently he didn’t know he was Jewish. If this is true, it raises an interesting question. Do Jews who don’t know they are Jewish nonetheless still instinctively feel an affinity with  other Jews? I would say the answer is most likely Yes. All that’s needed to explain this is the already well-demonstrated relationship between genetic similarity and empathy.

I wrote about Osborne’s Jewishness in an article called “Is Jewish power waning?”. I may have been write about him being Jewish but I was completely wrong about the waning of Jewish influence. It’s stronger than ever.



5 thoughts on “So Gid Osborne was Jewish after all

  1. I think there are many many crypto Jews in positions of power, put there through the incessant nepotism of the Tribe. It has been going on so long that in 2018 I honestly don’t think there are many true white Europeans in powerful positions anymore.


    1. Exactly…and who doesn’t know at least something about the background and origins of their own grandparents? He “just discovered” this. Yea, right.


      1. Rather similar to the mass-murderer, Madeleine Albright, who also ‘discovered’ she was jewish just prior to giving the US order to bomb Serbia on the holiest day in the Christian calendar, Easter Sunday. The only reason these liars can get away with such absurdities as ‘sudden discovery’ of their genuine ethnic/tribal backgrounds is because the media is also largely jewish staffed, jewish managed and jewish agenda-driven. Just one big cover-up all the way down the line.


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