Germany: Jewish leftist mockingly celebrates the fire-bombing of Dresden


It was really cold in Stalingrad for grandpa and his comrade,

For that reason it was warm in Dresden when Bomber Harris came!

Sarah Rambatz, a leftist involved with Die Linke party [the former east German Communisty party] continues to express her venomous contempt for the people she lives among by mocking the fire-bombing of Dresden, in which tens of thousands of civilians died. [See here for a previous example.]

Rambatz wears the three brackets proudly. Is she, in fact, Jewish, or is she just trying to show solidarity with the oppressed and downtrodden Jews wealthiest and most powerful ethnic group in the world?

A Spiegel article about her said that she doesn’t want to call herself “anti-German”, but prefers the term “israelsolidarisch” [showing solidarity with Israel].

Rambatz had a friend of Jewish faith, also her close family members are Jewish. “I recognised that what is understood as criticism of Israel can be a linking point for antisemitism,” she says.

Die Linke seems to have officially distanced itself from her after her last bout of anti-German hate speech, although she still seems to be involved with it in some way. The Spiegel article said “Rambatz now earns her money with speeches on antisemitism and dealing with hatred on the internet.”

It seems, then, that she has a professional incentive for provocateuring on the internet so she can tell her “internet war stories” in her paid-for speeches afterwards. If she is not actually Jewish, but only pretending to be, a legal case could be made that is in, fact, stirring up ethnic hatred for personal profit. In fact, saying outrageous things while pretending to be Jewish is exactly the kind of thing a particularly ingenious member of the Alt Right might do. Is Rambatz really one of us?

Martin Sellner, of Generation Identity, responds to Rambatz’s rhyme by suggesting that she needs a Therapy Institute for Cinical Ethno-Masochism.


But is she is not ancestrally German then what we are dealing with here is not Ethno-Masochism but Ethno-Sadism. Dodging the JQ and the RQ hasn’t helped GI evade the scrutiny of the powers that be so far, but they continue pluckily (or is it cuckily?) trying an already failed strategy.



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