Swedes provide sex education to migrants


The RFSU (Riksförbundet för sexuell upplysning) [Swedish Federal for Sexual Enlightenment] is helpfully providing basic sex education in a variety of non-Swedish languages such as Arabic and Somali.

Informative videos dispense such pearls of wisdom as these:

“You have to want to have sex in order to enjoy it. You can have sex with others or by yourself.”

Here are the English and Arabic “Lust and pleasure” videos.


3 thoughts on “Swedes provide sex education to migrants

  1. If anything; this is the flashpoint that will trigger outright immigrant assaults against the host culture. Attempting to impose western sexual mores(or lack of them) on incomers, whose cultural outlook repudiates such mores, should result in a violent response when their numbers reaches the critical mass necessary to permit such a revolt. Then the libtards will realise their folly in believing that their seventh century guests will the same type of s-heads that they are.


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