Melanie Phillips: Criticism of Islam justified but antisemitism “a unique derangement” for which “there is never any excuse”

One of the most striking similarities between Jews and Muslim is their total inability to see things from the outsider’s point of view. All of history, all present-day events, are incorporated into a paranoid victimhood complex of almost infinite scope. People “hate” them for no reason. Their own actions have no influence on the existence of this “hate”. Both of the Semitic tribes exhibit a fundamental inability to comprehend how it is that members of their outgroup (the goyim or the kuffar) might reasonably conclude that their countries would be better off without them in it.

We have a particularly striking example of this moral myopia here from the Jewish journalist Melanie Phillips. Criticism of Muslims is justified she says, but “there can never be any excuse” for the criticism of Jews. “Antisemitism”, according to her, “is a unique derangement based on lies and demonsation”.


4 thoughts on “Melanie Phillips: Criticism of Islam justified but antisemitism “a unique derangement” for which “there is never any excuse”

  1. She’s been peddling that line for donkey’s years (on her blog, on the Spectator, in her writings). All the ‘counterjihad’ sites support it and someone ought to point out how deranged it is to demonise an entire group of people (Caucasians, Europeans and Christians) and how hate-filled such a concept is. The first time I thought about it was when I read a disgusting piece at Jihad Watch, written well over a decade ago, using the same terminology as Philips. Time to go on the offensive against these Moslem and Jewish Bigots and the best way to do that is to expose what each of their ideologies teaches about the ‘kuffar’ and the ‘goyim’: it is their ideologies which will ultimately hoist them on their own petards, and not before time, either.

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  2. Poor Melanie is living proof of the Jewish psychosis, christened ‘Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder’ by Gilad Atzmon and encapsulated by Laurent Guyénot as ‘Dominate, for fear of being exterminated. And dominate ever more in order to safeguard oneself from the resentment aroused by one’s domination.’


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