With Fewer Whites Jews Seek to Attract Minorities With Bad Credit For Loans


It seems that as the proportion of whites in a population declines banks must engage in riskier practices in order to remain profitable; and what is riskier than underwriting loans to shiftless negroes and ambitious Latinos?


They were blamed for the biggest financial disaster in a century. Subprime mortgages – home loans to borrowers with sketchy credit who put little to no skin in the game. Following the epic housing crash, they disappeared, due to strong, new regulation, and zero demand from investors who were badly burned. Barely a decade later, they’re coming back with a new name — nonprime — and, so far, some new standards.

California-based Carrington Mortgage Services, a midsized lender, just announced an expansion into the space, offering loans to borrowers, “with less-than-perfect credit.” Carrington will originate and service the loans, but it will also securitize them for sale to investors.

“We believe there is actually a market today in the secondary market for people who want to buy nonprime loans that have been properly underwritten,” said Rick Sharga, executive vice president of Carrington Mortgage Holdings. “We’re not going back to the bad old days of ninja lending, when people with no jobs, no income, and no assets were getting loans.”

In the article they don’t explicitly mention who these “people” are but if you put on your sleuthing cap you can work it out.

As the economy improves, and rents continue to rise, more Americans are trying to become homeowners, but the scars of the Great Recession still stand in the way. One-fifth of consumers today still have very low credit scores, often disqualifying them from obtaining a mortgage in today’s tight lending market.


Totaling all FICO groups together, though, white borrowers fared better than Hispanics and African Americans because white borrowers are more likely to be in a higher credit bucket. More than 64 percent of white borrowers in 2013 had a FICO score of 720 or greater, compared with 41 percent and 33 percent of Hispanic and African American borrowers respectively. (Our study did not explore what drives the differences in FICO scores, a complicated and important subject in its own right).

The article didn’t explore what drove the differences because they hadn’t sat down and worked out an arcane formula that would pin the blame on racism and white privilege.

A group of academics actually crunched the data and found that minorities were most likely to have defaulted and therefore caused the Great Recession of 2007-2010. You can’t blame them (at least directly); it was the US government and their insane proposal to force banks to loan to minorities for social engineering purposes: fighting discrimination and promoting “opportunity”.

From a study published in 2014 at The Wharton School entitled “The Vulnerability of Minority Homeowners in the Housing Boom and Bust.”:

This paper examines mortgage outcomes for a large, representative sample of individual home purchases and refinances linked to credit scores in seven major US markets in the recent housing boom and bust. We find that among those with similar credit scores, black and Hispanic homeowners had much higher rates of delinquency and default in the downturn.

It would make sense that the call to bring back subprime loans would be from a state where whites are now only 37.7% of the population. The Jew bankers of California must be feeling the pinch and in their greed lost all sense of reason.

Of course, there is also the other possibility that maybe Jews did it on purpose; after all, whites suffered greatly in the economic chaos of the Great Recession, and it wouldn’t be the first time they set their violent, barely literate dogs against us.

4 thoughts on “With Fewer Whites Jews Seek to Attract Minorities With Bad Credit For Loans

  1. The picture above of a jew bankrolling a loan so a black guy can move into a White neighborhood is interesting. Several years ago, my mom told me that a Mexican restaurant appeared in her small, 100% White town of about 30,000 people. She said a Mexican husband and wife ran the restaurant. Soon, the house across the street from the establishment became inhabited by no less than 15 Mexicans who also all “work” at the restaurant. What’s most interesting is she said that during several visits to the restaurant, a (((White))) man could be seen meeting with the male “owner” of the restaurant in a booth at the back of the dining room, going over lots of papers and such. I told my mom that guy wasn’t White. He was most likely a jew who was bankrolling the sham business just to bring Mexicans into her town and bust up the White community. I told her to stop patronizing that restaurant immediately and to tell her friends to do the same. She did.

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    1. I totally agree, but it’s not just this site. So many are moving to this narrow view format it’s beyond annoying and makes the content almost unreadable. Most websites are now designed to be viewed vertically on phones, which doesn’t work when viewing via a horizontal format like a laptop computer…not to mention the endless scrolling that one has to do now because of the phone friendly format. I miss the old days when you could contain an entire webpage on your screen with everything in full view.


  2. Der Juden expect to be reimbursed by Uncle Sham and YOUR TAX DOLLARS. They have NO EXPECTATION the brown sludge will ever “honor” anything. Its far past time to burn off these ticks.


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