Swedish children reported to police for distributing immigration factsheet at their school


A factsheet on immigration has been distributed anonymously at a school in Umeå, Sweden. The flyer makes a series of factual claims about immigration and in each case cites a mainstream source where the claim can be verified.

Examples include claims that:

  • 95% of assault rapes in Sweden are committed by immigrants
  • Each year immigration costs more than the entire justice system
  • Sweden will have a 30% Muslim population by 2050 if current immigration rates continue.
  • Immigrants are given preference over Swedes in housing and dental care

Despite the factual basis of these claims, the matter has been reported to the police by the school’s headmistress, Anna Sundelin, who described the flyer as “terrible” and said the school had “zero tolerance”.


The identity of the pupils who distributed the flyer has still not been discovered by the police or the school authorities. Despite this, they spoke anonymously to the FriaTider.se website, saying they didn’t want to sit around twiddling their thumbs while Sweden fell apart. They wanted to create a factsheet about the impact of immigration on Swedish society so they could inform other pupils.




4 thoughts on “Swedish children reported to police for distributing immigration factsheet at their school

  1. Such a Swedish form of civil disobedience: counter the state approved facts with their own real facts. Quid est veritas, as Pilate would say.


  2. Goodbye freedom of the printing press

    If your teachers are censoring the children, the next step is children censoring their parents in the name of inclusiveness and freedom


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