Muslims and Jews employ surprisingly similar Modus Operandi in Engendering Dispossession.

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One of the ways Semites engage in battle is through soft conquest; they denigrate a people and humiliate their culture and ethnicity. In this way, they prey upon humanity’s natural urge to be winners, on the side of the “good guys”. Thus having eradicated their pride and ethno-awareness, the crushed souls either actively engage in doing away with themselves (through interbreeding with non-whites, refusing to have children or even suicide) or convert (in the case of Islam) to become winners again.

Muslims, being slightly less conniving than the Jews, do this outright as a religious commandment (this is an incomplete list):

  • Christians are given Dhimmi status and accordingly made to dress a certain way
  • They’re not allowed to repair their places of worship for any reason nor build new places of worship (this still happens in Egypt where Christians require a license to repair dilapidated churches and officials often drag their feet)
  • The ringing of church bells was forbidden
  • Christian testimony against Muslims was inadmissible in courts of law wherein a Muslim could be punished
  • They were forbidden to carry weapons or ride atop horses and camels

Such rules were designed to compel non-Muslims to convert to Islam because it’s fundamental human nature to want to feel like a winner. Since the people most drawn to converting to Islam lacked any kind of integrity or mental fortitude and were likely weak, self-seeking cowards, Islam had built into it an almost dysgenic filter so that the worst people became Muslims (notably rapists and bloodthirsty savages) while the people who could endure, and thus presumably had honour and integrity, remained Christian. In Egypt today we see that despite being a persecuted minority most of the wealth is owned by Coptic Christians.

The Jews, however, took a slightly different, though more effective, track to destroying a people (and this is still an ongoing process).


  • Declare that race is not real; if there is no physical race then you’re merely defending an idea by seeking to preserve your people, and thus your struggle is portrayed as irrational. If there is no peoplehood then what are you fighting for? You’re just a “racist”.
  • Instigate major wars to decimate your host population and bankrupt it (still going on today, see the warmongering neocons of the US). This will also have a dysgenic effect where the cowards who were unwilling to fight stayed at home and thus were more likely to procreate.
  • Lobby for social welfare programs and convince people that it’s for their own good but they need to be taxed heavily as a compromise. In the next generation declare that in order for the previous generation to get their pension the country needs  third world low-skill workers to fund them.
  • Encourage young people to enrol in worthless degree courses thereby depriving the country of indigenous who can do manual tasks such as fixing a pipe or tuning an engine and thus giving another excuse for importing more third world garbage.
  • First declare that the sexes are totally equal, then discriminate in favour of females.
  • Control all of the media and control what information people consume; any dissent is dismissed as anti-semitism or “Russian bots
  • Since you control the vast majority of the media and hence narrative, create homosexual or non-white/non-male heroes and role models for little boys to look up to
  • Qua the above point, do the same for the races; all white men are either villains or bumbling side heroes. Negroes are often wise or cool, Asians always intelligent and perform kung-fu.
  • Jews are always bumbling, inoffensive, schlemiel types which belies the fact that they’re predatory rapists always on the prowl for a moist hole to violate, whether it be an aspiring actress’ mouth or a vulnerable young boy’s hole.

The end result is the total destruction of white male identity. You have boys who no longer dream of growing up to be firefighters or astronauts. Little boys now grow up wanting to be little girls, little girls grow up wanting to be sluts, sluts aspire to be the president’s mistress and the president longs to be liked by celebrities. In some cases it even goes further where women want to literally become African (see here and here) and not just act like an African Kwang.

Walking the pet monkey.jpg
Some women even refuse to have kids and instead adopt crazy, transgender mulattoes

The normalisation, and tacit approval, of anti-white racism unfortunately results in whites committing suicide or whites being murdered with impunity by non-whites with the establishment even hushing it up in the name of social cohesion.

Often one finds Jewish advertising agencies desperately trying to push miscegenation as normal in a vain bid to increase its incidence and thereby create a soulless people with no history or ties to a land. Humans (and by human I mean whites) are naturally averse to mixed race unions so the only thing that will arise from this is more people noticing Jews and hence “Goyim Knowing”.

The push for miscegenation has resulted in extreme unions.

Jews are also trying to get Christians to convert to Islam by over-representing conversion rates and successful muslims. Jews and Muslims have always been natural allies. Jews have created, through Cultural Marxism and moral relativism, a class of people known as the Social Justice Warriors. SJWs are like the cynic described by Oscar Wilde except rather than knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing, they know the rights of everyone and the responsibilities of no one.


The solution, then would be to raise awareness; raising awareness would return hope to whites; hope to the Jew is like garlic to a vampire. When whites are optimistic they celebrate by creating more whites and there’s nothing a Jew can do about it. Spreading the word that the fight is not insurmountable will give our people hope; they will have reason to continue fighting. A brilliant white pill is to show them that in countries like Canada the population of whites hasn’t fallen, they’re still having plenty of children. Rather, the proportion of whites is shrinking because of mass migration. Whites may be displaced but they aren’t being destroyed.


2 thoughts on “Muslims and Jews employ surprisingly similar Modus Operandi in Engendering Dispossession.

    1. It seems our birthrates stay constant, plus or minus a few thousand over the years. We’re literally drowning in a brown, scummy froth from the third world


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