Jew tries to stop broadcast of Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech

Jew Andrew Adonis has written to broadcasting regulator Ofcom to demand that it “instruct” the BBC not to broadcast Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech in a radio programme on Saturday.

Note his words: “if a contemporary politician made such a speech they would almost certainly be arrested and charged with serious offences.”


The BBC programme will be presented by a Paki called Amol Rajan, broken up into segments and “critiqued by voices from across the spectrum”.


Most of these “voices from across the spectrum” will, I am sure, be from the kind of people old Enoch thought the British people were made to let in. And, of course, we now know that Enoch Was Right.


3 thoughts on “Jew tries to stop broadcast of Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech

  1. Great speech….. harkens back to better times. Of course he was right. As always, great work CZ, and stay outta harm’s way….


  2. And to whom do we owe all these “hate speech” Acts? The British Board of Jewish Deputies who, from 1965, made ‘recommendations’ to various Jewish Home Secretaries on ever-increasing restrictions on free speech. No ‘conspiracy theory’, only the facts. ‘Lashon Hara’ (“evil speech” in Judaism: nothing should be spoken, heard or thought, EVEN IF IT IS TRUE, if, in so doing, this were to bring problems on the ‘community’ or disturb ‘social cohesion.’ This is often present to non-Jews as a pure social concept, of preventing malicious and destructive gossip, protecting a peerson’s reputation or that this evil speech has no positive goal of rectifying a bad situation, but these are all deflections from the fact that this treats “truth” as a subjective concept, not an objective one. And the concept of ‘community’ (although always falsely presented as meaning the larger community of all peoples or a country) is quite limited to those who put into effect these laws against their idea of “evil speech”. True Evil often comes with a smiling face and presents itself as ‘tolerance’ or ‘social justice.’


  3. I have just watched the recording and noted that The Times referred to Powell’s remarks as “evil speech” (that is the literal meaning of Lashon Hara). The Times, along with the Daily Telegraph in the 19th century, printed, almost without any change, ‘reports’ written up by the London-based Jewish newspaper which pushed the propaganda line that Jew were suffering terrible persecution in Russia from ‘pogroms’ (a Polish, not Russian, word) and this propaganda was used by these newspapers to demand more ‘immigrants’ from Russia be permitted into Britain in their many thousands. The British Government, aware of public outrage aroused by these newspaper reports, appointed a commission and sent investigators, as well as required full reports from all its ambassadorial/consular staff in Russia, as to the extent of these so-called ‘pogroms’ (it was the subject of a government Blue Paper/Report) and the results were it was massive propaganda, with almost no legitimate grounds for contending a concerted program of persecution, almost no casualties, barely any property damage and, significantly, the reports of ‘mass rapes’ were false. Yet this was the basis for a wave of mass ‘immigration’ and with it came many who were communist-motivated and hostile to Western ideals, values, and of course, belief. The Daily Telegraph, from about `1857 until 1927 was owned by one Jewish family, Levy, and for almost 60 years after 1927, the DT was under a certain degree of Jewish editorial and management control.


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