Beaten with a belt on video: Female empowerment negatively impacted by diversity in France

Video has circulated in France of a woman (apparently of Arab or North African origin) being beaten with a belt by a man “Islem” while another man films the confrontation. It’s not completely clear what the man’s grievance against the woman was. He asks her what she did two days ago, says she didn’t have permission for something, tells her to “stay in her place”. After being beaten, she repeatedly says sorry and eventually asks for help from the person filming, apparently called “Samir”. Samir doesn’t intervene but asks the other man to stop.

French police have confirmed they are investigating the incident.


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  1. Hi,

    she’s a “muslim” Woman, He is a “muslim” man. So, it’s not a problem of diversity…
    I think, she is his lover, not his wiffe.


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