Erdogan calls on EU citizens of Turkish origin to infiltrate political parties and take power


The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on citizens of Turkish origin in EU states to extend their political influence. “Personally take responsibilities in political parties and political mechanisms,” said Erdogan on Tuesday in an appeal “to my citizens in Europe”. Before AKP members of parliament in Ankara, Erdogan recalled that in the constitutional referendum a year ago more than 60% of Turks in Germany voted for the presidential system he wanted. “That means there is a power there. This power must also take effect in the local politics there.”

The goal must be to push back the influence of organisations like the banned Kurdish Workers Party PKK or the far-left DHKP-C in Europe. “Don’t leave the politics there to the PKK. Don’t leave the politics there to the DHKP-C”, said Erdogan to AKP MPs. “If our citizens, who are true to their country, their people, their flag and their call to prayer, stick together, they can be ten times, a hundred times more influential with political parties and politicians than them.”

Erdogan asked citizens of Turkish origin to learn the language of the country they were living in and get to know the social environment there. At the same time he called on them: “Never make concessions on your mother tongue, your faith and your solidarity with one another.” He added: “Your fatherland remains for you.”





  1. Turkey is only minimally part of the European landmass. Turks from whichever part of Turkey living and benefitting from life in Europe must be loyal to Europe and not to a fatherland – whatever that means – far removed. They should also remember that the children born to Turkish parents and bred in Europe will never feel at home in Turkey. This means that European Turks who see Turkey as their natural motherland will be in conflict with themselves whatever Erdoğan says. Meaning that Turks in Europe must keep in mind the reasons why they felt the need to leave their Fatherland to settle in a European Motherland.


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