Chinese woman surprised there are no white guys in Paris


“When I go to Paris, there is someone who stole my phone. . You know, I was so surprised because what I imagined is Paris is a very romantic city, so probably a lot of white guys is there. But, but! It’s actually all black people there!”

Watch the reaction of the brainwashed white guy she is talking to. He doesn’t want to hear these incorrect thoughts, playing to the camera as if he knew a commissar of political correctness was watching him.

9 thoughts on “Chinese woman surprised there are no white guys in Paris

  1. Even the muslims complain. I read this story once about a woman from Northern Africa who came to visit her family in the North of France and she was upset that the population was just like home. There was also a school near Montpellier in the South of France, where the muslim parents protested because all the kids in the school were muslim, and they demanded more white pupils to improve the level of education. So they try to invade and outbreed us but when they succeed they complain life becomes hell when all whites are gone.


    1. Yes it is amazing, especially in France. So the imports outbred the local whites.
      It is also amazing that Muslims should complain about the lack of whiteness in France.


    2. “…she was upset that the population was just like home.” As more non-White people become aware of the reality of White genocide, I can’t tell you how many of them say s*it like, “I’m a Latino guy, and what’s happening to you White people is wrong. I support you!” And yet…they are CLUELESS that it’s their very presence in our countries that’s creating the problem. It’s as if they think if we kick out all the non-White moochers and criminals, and keep the “cool” ones (including themselves), then everything will be just fine. Uh,….no. They cannot grasp that their very presence in a White country is what makes it non-White, and that as more people come over (including family) the formerly White country literally turns into the hellhole they were trying to escape. Why? Because it’s the people that make a country what it is.


  2. Not really all that surprising; they know what their own countries are like and they can do the simple maths: no whites, no freebies. The only race which shows any altruism to, and empathy for, those not of its own, are whites (misplaced and foolhardy as it is…) So, of course the others want there to be enough whites to prop them up, provide all they want, and do all the heavy lifting. The asian girl, you notice, has her hard luck story in place and the white guy is probably picking up the tab for the meal!


    1. Exactly! But if they had any smarts they would have less children to make sure the whites to non-whites ratio is sufficient to keep the welfare going. Except their dreams of domination are sadly stronger than the perks of living in a white society.


  3. Wow. It’s a pleasure to see someone who has never been exposed to race-baiting propaganda. At the same time, it’s odd to see a woman from communist China speak with zero self-consciousness and more freedom and autonomy than a White man from the so-called “free” west. I don’t know which is more disgusting, his knee-jerk, fear-driven response or the fact that he’s completely unconscious of the fact that he’s been conditioned to think this way.


  4. What she says is true + l was there at Christmas. The upside is the real French Parisians are really friendly to white foreigners now – they are happy to see other whites) Begs the question – the diversity is pushing whites together even if they don’t consciously acknowledge it. If the shit ever does hit the fan maybe we will unify and vanquish our enemies


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