Swedish government issues information leaflet for “New Swedes” who are married to children


You might think this is an early April Fool. But no. It’s real.

Swedish social services, together with the migration agency, have issued some pamphlets to help “new Swedes” adapt to local laws and customs.

The one on the left reads: “Information for parents or close relatives whose children are married”

The one on the right reads: “Information for those who are married to a child”

New Swedes are advised that it is “inappropriate” to live with their child brides if they are under 15. They are also reminded that “sex is voluntary, even within marriage.”



UPDATE: Apparently it has now been withdrawn after a public outcry.


3 thoughts on “Swedish government issues information leaflet for “New Swedes” who are married to children

  1. I would be very cautious about that site listed as your source. It has Tommy Robinson featured on it and an article by ‘Fjordman’, the supposed Norwegian who was educated at Cairo University, and appeared unable to discern that a quote he falsely attributed to a leading figure in Expo was actually an anti-white race tirade by the black extremist leader, Malcolm X (it was on a Letters page of a Swedish journal along with several other letters; Scandinavians have few problems understanding one another’s languages, so I put it down to deliberate misinformation on Fjordman’s part and when I tried to inform GoV of this, they ignored my information). If that site is part of the counterjihad scam, I would discount it.

    Also, I read the link on that site which took me to the actual Swedish government document. It was making it very clear that ‘child marriage’ is not permissible in Sweden, nor forced marriage. Where there is a problem — and this is actually due to International Law, not Swedish law — is that international law recognises marriages if they are regarded as legally binding and legitimately entered into in the country where the marriage actually took place. Consequently, since many Islamic countries permit child marriage, this creates difficulties for Western countries when the married couple decamp to a Western country (German courts also have this problem).

    So far as I can see, reading quickly through the 37-page Swedish government document, the Swedish govt is not favouring child marriage and is asserting its own laws forbidding that, but, at present, International law is the problem and stumbling bloc.


    1. If the brochures are legitimate, I think the point this site is making isn’t that Sweden approves of child marriages (at least, not yet), but the outrageous absurdity of even having to circulate such brochures to inform people of these issues in the first place.


    2. I realise that. What’s significant is that fact that these brochures are now necessary not that the Swedish government is approving child marriage.

      Ingrid Carlqvist linked to that site. I think she has been wholly or partially expelled from the Counterjewhad movement now for daring to talk about Jews. Islam is still the biggest immediate problem we face, even if the Islam resistance movement is dominated by dishonest Jews and their faithful goy minions.


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