“Their genetic connection is not clear”: Jews plan to fool goyim into thinking they are Jews, Rabbis not happy

A committee appointed by Israel’s Diaspora Affairs minister says that there are some 60 million people around the world with an “affinity” to Judaism or Israel. The committee says that among them there are communities that could be brought to Israel and converted to Judaism. The committee’s recommendations call for reaching out to these communities and introducing them to content related to Israel and Judaism.

…The report suggested beginning to map these communities, reaching out to them, offering them lessons in Judaism and on Israel, as well as examining potential joint work in the field of “public diplomacy to promote support for Israel and aid in the struggle against anti-Semitism.” Dvir Kahane, the director general of the Diaspora Affairs Ministry, wrote in the introduction to the report that “we are talking about tens of millions of people” who could be sources of “connections, affinity and support for the Jewish people and Israel.”


According to the report, these groups include descendants of Jews who are ineligible for the Law of Return, such as Jewish converts; communities who claim to be Jewish but still need to undergo conversion such as the Falash Mura (Beta Israel) from Ethiopia or the Bnei Menashe from India;  descendants of forced converts in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, South America and the southwestern U.S.; descendants of Eastern Europeans who hid their faith under communist regimes; communities in Africa and Asia that claim a more distant connection to the Jewish people; and groups around the world with “a desire for an ideological and spiritual affinity .”



The report talks about bringing some of these people to Israel and converting them to Judaism. Of course, the rabbis are not happy about this.

Religious Zionist rabbis have come out against a Diaspora Affairs Ministry report recommending Israel to reach out to tens of millions of non-Jews with an affinity to Judaism. The rabbis criticized the report, saying that calling for the conversion of non-Jews is not Judaism’s way.

“According to Jewish law, Judaism has no interest in influencing someone to convert. There’s no such thing,” Rabbi Dov Lior told Haaretz.

Besides the fact that their genetic connection is not always clear, but only partial according to rumors, the problem is that some have an affinity for Christianity, and sometimes they’re interested in the legitimacy of Judaism as a Judaism that is a bridge to Christianity. That of course is impossible.



7 thoughts on ““Their genetic connection is not clear”: Jews plan to fool goyim into thinking they are Jews, Rabbis not happy

  1. Always good to have it “straight from the horse’s mouth” as the Americans say. The comments of the rabbis (“religious Zionist Rabbis” — is that the same type of distinction as we hear apologists for Islam use when referring to ‘islamicists’ as opposed to all those billions of ‘moderate muslims’?) underline that this ideology is essentially ethnic/race-based not theologically based. Also, historically, jews certainly did forcibly convert those who came under their control as a result of their warfare. Of course, there is always the possibility of using all those ‘people with affinity to judaism’, especially the africans, for cheap labour which also harks back to the jews’ role as slave traders in the Ancient World and then with the African slave trade into the Americas. As for the Ethiopians, they became jews pre-Talmud, so this is probably the major, unspoken reason for their not being considered ‘really’ jewish.


  2. Typical. The jews want to groom those with an “affinity” to judaism for their CASH in return for NO legal right to immigrate. At the same time, they want to reach out to other jewish populations around the world to get them to immigrate to israel because even AFTER deporting the 40,000 Africans to Rwanda and Ethiopia, they know they still have a huge demographic problem with the Palestinians and “legal” Arabs who currently out breed them and in just a couple generations will become the majority. At present, jews are only the majority in israel by a very small margin that cannot hold without importing other jews.


  3. This is bullshit article. Three years ago a pan Europe dna study showed 50℅ of Jewish women are white. They have been stealing our women for hundred of years – to improve their stock. Even if they say they don’t approve of inter racial marriage they practice it to a huge degree. It’s deliberate, completely deliberate.


  4. Never believe what they say – they almost always lie

    Watch this you will be shocked. They are pelvic thrusting at the wailing Wall – not bidding their heads. It’s cabala spell ritual. Brother Nathaneal explains what they are really doing! Takes an insider to really know


  5. As Brother Nathaneal says the wailing Wall is a Sham. It is not a part of the temple. It is one of the walls of Fort Antonia, built after the Romans retook Jerusalem. The temple was completely and utterly destroyed. Not one stone remained, as Josephus the historian stated. Just like Carthage. When the Romans destroyed something nothing remained – literally nothing. The Romans did not fuck around!


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