The Browning of England: Modern mosques given protected “heritage” status, interracial propaganda reaching fever pitch

It seems that with every year the drive to legitimise Islam and mixed race unions in the UK gathers fresh momentum.

For example, several relatively recently built mosques have either been given protected status (in the UK this means that the buildings are of important historical or cultural significance and therefore they can’t be altered substantially or torn down) or had their protected status upgraded according to the BBC:

Two London mosques have been given protected heritage status to recognise their historic and cultural importance.


The London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre in Regent’s Park is newly listed as Grade II*, while the Fazl Mosque in Southfields has been given Grade II status.


Other mosques including Woking’s Shah Jahan Mosque, which was built in 1889, have also been given more protection.


Historic England said the mosques were “exceptional places of worship“.

The Shah Jahan Mosque‘s history is particularly interesting and reeks of “traitors letting in enemies via the back gate”:

The Shah Jahan Mosque was built in 1889 by Hungarian-British Jew and orientalist Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner. It was partly funded by Sultan Shah Jahan, Begum of Bhopal, as a place for students at the Oriental Institute in Woking to worship at.


The Oriental Institute, for the students of which the mosque was constructed, was founded by Leitner in 1881. He had purchased the former Royal Dramatic College building in Woking and established the Institute in order to promote oriental literature. It awarded degrees from the University of the Punjab in Lahore, India.

The Heritage Minister quoted in the article is either historically illiterate or a stooge, you decide:

Heritage Minister Michael Ellis said by listing the mosques “we are not only preserving important places of worship, but also celebrating the rich heritage of Muslim communities in England.”

Mr Ellis at home presumably


The rich, non-existent heritage of Muslim communities in England. Who was it that said “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth“?

Meanwhile, actual places of worship that are part of a rich, continuous heritage are afforded no special protection and are torn down with aplomb and alacrity to make way for ever more soulless structures designed to demoralise the human spirit or to be occupied by third world colonisers:


St Michael’s Anglican Church was consecrated in 1845. The church was badly damaged by air raids in 1941 but was restored and reopened in 1953. The last service was held in April 2007. After demolition a smaller church is to be built on the site of the adjacent vicarage which was also demolished. The site of the church itself will be occupied by a block of flats.

It doesn’t just stop at Islam however; anyone who has visited the UK in recent years will undoubtedly have noticed the unabashed promotion in advertisements (and TV shows in general) of mixed-race unions and mixed-race children; most often you will find white women with black men, despite such unions making up a tiny proportion of cohabitations in the UK:

White British couples were the least likely to be in an inter-ethnic relationship with around 1 in 25 (4%). This in part reflects that the White British group are the largest group (81% of the overall population) and as such have a greater opportunity to be in a relationship with someone who is also White British.

By inter-ethnic they don’t mean interracial, it can apply to whites from other parts of Europe or even Ireland:

The most common inter-ethnic relationship was between Other White and White British (366,000 people or 16% of all people in inter-ethnic relationships). Other White is made up of numerous groups, a large proportion include Polish, other Western European and numerous others. Other White is the second largest ethnic group in England and Wales (4% of the overall population).

Yet we are inundated with these advertisements that don’t reflect reality in any way. One would think a successful advertisement would target the majority group which one can reasonably expect to have the most disposable income. In the absence of any ostensibly rational motivation for a particular advert we must therefore attribute a more sinister motive.


These are only the ones I’ve been able to find using a quick youtube search, if you happen to watch television you will see every other commercial has a mixed race child or interracial union. The Co-Op had a particularly awful commercial of a dumpy blond woman serving an athletic black man dinner.

Not even the royal family is immune:


3 thoughts on “The Browning of England: Modern mosques given protected “heritage” status, interracial propaganda reaching fever pitch

  1. The Shah Jahan Mosque actually looks pretty good, but it doesn’t belong in the UK, or if it was just a quaint orientalist artefact, it would be OK, but given the context of rampant islamisation, it becomes a symbol altogether unsavory.

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