The Counterjihad just keeps bleeding its people to the Alt Right


Many thoughtful people would agree that Muslim immigration is the greatest threat Europe has ever faced. But anyone who contemplates and researches the issue unflinchingly sooner or later comes up against the JQ. It becomes clear that Jews are acting as de facto collaborators of the Muslims. They push for immigration and diversity; they stigmatise ethnic consciousness among the goyim; they demand the restrictions on free speech essential to ramming through such an antidemocratic agenda.

This is why the Counterjihad just keeps losing its people to the Alt Right. The latest to ascend is Simon Harris.

I dismissed the Alt-Right’s views on the Jews as toxic as I mention in the introduction. They just struck me as unpleasant and prejudiced and in a conversation, Brian and I had about the IQ, it was easy to argue that given their high IQ and verbal ability, it wasn’t surprising that Jews were over-represented in academia and the media and had been responsible for some of the most important intellectual trends of the 20th century in art, literature and science as well as in left-wing politics.


As I’d done before, I started checking the biographies of writers and thinkers in part to disprove the idea that Jews were responsible for many of the most damaging ideas of the last century. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.


Most of the Bolsheviks were Jews as was Franz Boas and his school of Anthropologists, Freud and the Psychoanalysts, the majority of the Frankfurt School as well as many leading Postmodernists. Even most major pornographers were Jewish.


…The JQ is real and if Christianity and Islam can come under scrutiny then so can Judaism. The Jewish Question needs to be asked and if it can be answered in an open honest way perhaps we’ll be a little closer to solving the problems that the West is facing today.

You can read his own description of his moral and intellectual journey here. I can really relate to it because I went through the same process myself when I was running the Islam Versus Europe site and can remember the inhibitions I had to overcome. Afterwards, all the anti-Islam sites stopped linking to me (even though the site still had the same anti-Islam content, now with added discussion of the JQ) and the blog traffic fell dramatically. Probably the same thing will happen to him. This is the process of herem being applied, a word whose meaning I didn’t understand at the time but do now: the ostracism of the heretic.

Another person who went through something similar was Ingrid Carlqvist. She used to run the Swedish anti-Islam site Dispatch International along with Lars Hedegaard and was fully plugged into that largely Jewish-run nexus (which I derisively dubbed the Counterjewhad movement). (It was only recently that I learned with interest from the Balder blog that Hedegaard himself was Jewish [by conversion].) Carlqvist wrote for years for the Gatestone Institute, financed by the Jewess Nina Rosenwald.

Her list of articles there comes to an end in 2016. Look at the title of the final article and you can see why: “The Silence of the Jews”.


The final article is about Jewish complicity in the Muslim invasion. Even though she soft-pedals it, it was probably too much for her Jewish paymasters. See the sinister notice that appears beneath her final article.


Carlqvist is a real (formally professional mainstream) journalist and once she became JWOKE she immediately made a real contribution to our knowledge by uncovering some interesting truths about the notorious Barbara Spectre. She found that Spectre had blackmailed the Swedish government into giving her money to set up her Paideia Institute. Her blackmail technique was disarmingly simple: she told the Swedish government that unless they handed over the cash she would get her friends in the World Jewish Congress and other powerful Jewish organisations to accuse Sweden of being anti-Semitic! And this actually worked!

In a fascinating interview with Red Ice TV last year, Carlqvist discussed this and her general awakening to the Jewish Question.

I know for a fact, and from personal acquaintance, that many people who work in these anti-Islam sites and movements are fully JWOKE. I won’t name names because I don’t want to cause trouble for them. They are people who have just made a tactical decision to remain silent about the Jewish Question. Their thinking goes likes this:

“The main threat is Islam; it’s true the Jews are facilitating it; but that doesn’t matter now; the Muslims are here; they’re a threat; if your enemy throws snakes into your house, your immediate problem is dealing with snakes; anything else is just a waste of time; we only have a few decades to solve this or it’s over; if we raise the question of Jewish responsibility, we’ll be ostracised even more; the Jews and their minions will come after us; everything becomes 100 times harder. Strategically, it’s just not the right decision.”

I can sympathise with this style of thinking, to a degree. I don’t despise these people. If you’re running some kind of political party or public organisation, that may even be the most productive approach. But somehow I just can’t help telling the truth, even when it causes problems. I prefer to do it the hard way.

I believe I have gone further in exploring the strange synergies between Judaism and Islam than anyone else in the world. And to make things easier for the Counterjihadis who’re ready to take the blinkers off and graduate to the big time, I’ve assembled links to all of my related posts on a single page.

The Judeo-Islamic Conspiracy Against Christendom


  1. “The main threat is Islam; it’s true the Jews are facilitating it; but that doesn’t matter now; the Muslims are here; they’re a threat; if your enemy throws snakes into your house, your immediate problem is dealing with snakes; anything else is just a waste of time; we only have a few decades to solve this or it’s over; if we raise the question of Jewish responsibility, we’ll be ostracised even more; the Jews and their minions will come after us; everything becomes 100 times harder. Strategically, it’s just not the right decision.”

    And one more problem here is that white people are being replaced not only by muslims, but by many other peoples – such as blacks. mestizos, indians, orientals, etc.

    Muslims are not the biggest replacer of whites in the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In those places white europeans are replaced mostly by latinos, blacks or asians. In some cases, they also attempt to buy the whole economy, as in the case of rich chinese in Australia

    While they campaign against Islam, whites are being actively replaced by many types of groups.

    They need to be against any replacement immigration, not just muslim. There is demographic explosion in sub-saharan Africa and those are mostly not muslim. They have higher birth rate than muslims and there will be more of them (4 billion by 2100). It is even quite possible that most of the migrants towards Europe in the future will be black non-muslims.

    Therefore simply being “anti-islam” can not fix this problem. What are they going to do in the future when Europe gets swamped by black non-muslims? They have to expand their targets; being anti-islam is not enough. They have to become genuine nationalists against any type of replacement immigration, whether by low iq or by high iq peoples.

    I’v seen comments of the type “i don’t want blacks and muslims but i have no problem with immigration as long as it is educated people, afluent people, chinese, koreans, japanese, etc.”

    There is no way for whites to survive if many people think like this.


    1. Exactly. Especially the non Muslim immigration is overlooked, but I see thousands of South East Asians, Phillipinos, Vietnamese and Chinese, Burmese and what not appearing everywhere. On top of that it is crawling with Poles and Balts and unidentifyable people.
      It is paradise for them here, a completely free ride, while hospital services public transport the justice system, education and everyting else is suffering. I see it growing day by day, it is like a horror movie.


    2. Absolutely agree! Hyper focus on Islamic immigration is a diversion. Our nations are being overrun by human trafficking of brown and black people of all nationalities. The hour is much too late to NOT name names. We must have the courage to name the jew. It is he who is pulling the trigger on the forced mass immigration of all peoples into White nations, from the financing to the transport to the legislation that supports the whole system. It will do us no good if we do not address the source of the problem. The immigration gun can always be reloaded with more bullets with different human ammunition from other areas of the Third World instead of the Middle East. I would only add that we cannot limit our approach to preserving “nationalism” but White nationalism. Otherwise, we risk keeping the “melting pot” nature of our existing nations with civic nationalism, and a common passport never bound any group of people together in a visceral way. We must be more specific. The bottom line is race.


  2. I realised the Counterjewhad sites were not genuine back in 2010 when a British court sent 2 men to prison for distributing a comic book which mocked holocaust claims.
    These same writers who went ballistic over the Muhammad cartoons case had nothing to say about men being jailed over holocaust cartoons. One of the men imprisoned Simon Sheppard has this website –


  3. To C Z: go to theoccidentalobserver site on the thread about cutting south african whites’ throats, scroll down to the comment of tj on march 8, 2018: his is commenting on a conversation he has had with a friend who is aware of the usual suspects attacks on alt right media sites and how they are cutting off these sites and preventing their funding from donations, it includes wordpress. i think you should know about it. it also includes their long term plans…

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  4. Black has an IQ of 60 & 75
    The European IQ 90 & 110
    Mulato IQ 75 & 85 (Second generation)
    If the IQ <90 will be a lemming of easy manipulation by the Jews
    Marxism Jewish culture says:
    Racism = Power + Prejudice

    Decoded means:
    Racism (Homogeneity, Lineage) = Power (Only for Jews) + Prejudice (Prohibited for whites, Diversity)

    Jews George Soros, Rotschild, UN, NATO, etc. they are Zionist entities.


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