2017: Birth Rate drops in Western Countries


The stats for 2017 are up and the news for the birth rate in western countries (or Russia for that matter) are not good.

There is not a single european (or western, for that matter) country with positive birth rate. This means that there is mathematical certainty that european people will disappear, if they do not change their behavior and have more children. This means that white people will disappear even if immigration is stopped, and therefore even Eastern Europe, which does not allow immigration, can not survive.

In 2017, an already negative TFR has further decreased in most western countries.

Clearly, urgent measures are needed to stop this – more children, and a full stop of non-white immigration and race mixing. Our ruling elites know very well about these numbers, but they decided to betray us, and “fix” the problem with more immigration. Bear in mind that the real birth rate of european women is actually lower, because the numbers here include the birth rate of muslims, blacks, hindus, gypsies, mestizos, maoris, and other minorities living in Europe and the West.

Total Fertility Rate:

Anythning below 2,1 is not enough to sustain the population at stable level and leads to declining population. In the event of race mixing, you may need even higher number. Non-european countries, demographic groups or continents are added for comparison. Total Fertility Rates includes those of minorities unless stated otherwise.

> 2,1 expanding population
= 2,1 stable population
< 2,1 declining population

You need a bit more than two to sustain the population at one level because more boys than girls are born and because of infant mortality/child mortality issues. In the case of emigration (out of the country), race mixing, or high children mortality rate you may need more than 2,1 in order to sustain certain population group at one level.

And now the numbers:

Sweden down to 1,79 for 2017 from 1,85 for 2016
Iceland 1,71 from 1,74
Denmark 1,77 from 1,79
Finland 1,485 from 1,57
Norway 1,62 from 1,71
Belgium 1,68 from 1,73
Netherlands 1,6 from 1,65

France 1,85 from 1,89
UK 1,79 from 1,8
Germany 1,59 from 1,5
Austria 1,51 from 1,53
Switzerland 1,48 from 1,55
Portugal 1,36 from 1,3
Spain 1,34 from 1,33
Italy 1,34 from 1,34
Australia 1,79 from 1,81
New Zealand 1,81 from 1,87
USA 1,79 from 1,82
Canada 1,6 from 1,6

Russia 1,66 from 1,76

Bear in mind again that the actual white female TFR is lower than that of western countries due to the presence of minorities.

Whites are 50 % of new children born in the US and New Zealand and 60 % of new children born in France.

Meanwhile TFR of jews in Israel has increased from 3,11 to 3,16. TFR of israeli jews in 2001 was 2,59, so whatever is ailing the West is not affecting Israel, jewish TFR is actually increasing there and is close to that of muslims in Israel (3,29). The global TFR of muslims is 3,1, of africans – more than 4. The TFR of the EU is 1,58. Of the World – 2,4

Written by Passer by

14 thoughts on “2017: Birth Rate drops in Western Countries

  1. What is also clearly needed, from a practical point of view, is more government tax initiatives which are advantageous to married couples (not simply couples presently living together). This was one of the first tactics of the Left, to make it financially difficult to have children. (Media is always doing articles or programmes on the overall costs of child-rearing, the unspoken message being, guard your wallet and don’t do it. The other practical factor is that the materialism of the West acts against child-raising which is a labour-intensive relationship between the parents and their offspring for at least 18 years or more; clearly, people who enjoy having the latest electronic toy, or holidaying whenever they wish, will also need to have both the man and woman working to maintain this type of lifestyle. Being parents means making material sacrifices of immediate longings and thinking long-term. In all of this, the absence of morality is most keenly felt and governments, when faced with whites who do produce children, are only too happy to provide State nannying (ownership and programming) of the offspring from their very earliest days onwards. There has to be a real sea-change in people’s minds and their souls to realise, and act upon, the fact that “the future belongs to those who show up for it” and, conversely, to realise that, if they don’t produce children, then these overgrown children calling themselves adults will then, in their middle and later years, when they may not have their physical or mental strength, or their financial resources, will find themselves dependent on the third world minorities, and the usual suspects, for their every need. Perhaps it is time to point out how uncaring of their own, and ruthless these minorities can be, especially to their white ‘host.’


  2. I wonder if artificial wombs could offer some kind of technological solution. Obviously, they would create new problems of their own; but, legislative environment permitting, they might offer scope for real eugenics programs.

    Who would take care of the artificially born children? State nurseries like in Brave New World? It has frightening implications, but trying it is probably better than going extinct.


    1. Well, personally i’m a somewhat conservative person, so i would perefer that things continue the old way, with wombs and moms and dads for the child.

      I think that the problem could be fixed quite easily, by hitting childless people with taxes. changing the education system, the culture, etc.

      A change in culture will be very important as it is rich women who have the lowest birth rate, thus the problem is not financial.

      If israeli seculars can have TFR at replacement rate then so can europeans.

      Supporting whether christianity or some kind of pagan euro religion could also help, as data has been clear that religious people have more children than atheists.


      1. Yes, thats true, but don’t forget that just as you see it at as irrational still other people believe in such things. So who knows? I have seen people pushing for restoration of pagan religions in Europe, of the type of Asatru, etc.

        Personally those religions look childish to me. Why would i want to believe in the old religions, for example believe in Zeus and Poseidon? 🙂

        In some areas though, religion is accepted by the people, especially in religous US states, in countries such as Ireland, etc. What causes large masses of people to believe in religion i do not know.

        Still, your question remains: But how can you summon irrational belief into being?

        Maybe if people believe that certain religion is good for them and their interests, they would believe in it? I suspect that jews believe in their stuff because it makes them feel good about themselves, to be part of an elite club of chosen people.


    2. YES. That would be a good option. I’m somewhat old-fashioned and feel that it’s still okay to take such measures. The problem is that women are being improperly educated by the Controlled Media. So, she’s taught to start a family later in life. This is deliberate false information from our elite journalists. It’s almost as if they’re promoting ideas which they know to be false. and Zionists are deliberately steering us in the wrong direction.


  3. If immigration is stopped then of course whites won’t disappear. The figures are for absolute people rather than for individuals in a vacuum. Let’s say that 50% of baby boomers pass away and there are not many non-whites, then the birth rate would eventually level out and increase from a low. Whites won’t disappear so long as there is less competition for viable wombs and resources.


    1. Right now this is not happening in Eastern Europe, there is depopulation going on, regardless of the lack of immigration.


      1. But it will level out, under communism people were forced to have unnaturally large families. People won’t just “disappear” without some outside event acting as the impetus. Many people have also emigrated from Eastern Europe, whether they return or not remains to be seen.


      2. Under communism TFR was slightly below replacement level, so people did not have unnaturally big families.

        No one knows if anything is going to level out, right now there is no leveleing out and birth rate has being negative for 50 years.

        People disappear as long as there is negative birth rate.


    2. That’s not true. If all immigration into White countries stopped today and not one more person crossed our borders, there are still too many inside the gates for Whites to avoid their slide into minority then extinct status. It’s a numbers game, and brown and black people have far more children. Stopping immigration does nothing to deprogram the minds of White women to stop focusing on career and social life and make being a wife and mother a priority again. In fact, feminism is far more powerful a tool for destroying nations than immigration. Our White women could be having babies even in the midst of the current crisis, but they’re not. So, even if immigration ended today, we’re still on a downward trajectory, while the existing brown and black populations already in our lands are rising. It also doesn’t help that the U.S. government incentivizes blacks and browns having more children by giving larger welfare payments with each successive child. For Whites to survive and thrive, we cannot focus just on stopping immigration. We need our own lands again. That means ALL non-Whites must leave. I highly recommend this sobering article on that fact: http://www.kevinalfredstrom.com/2017/01/what-we-must-have/


      1. That wasn’t my point, my point was even if birth rates are low now it doesn’t matter, if all competition is removed (non-whites already in the country and immigration of more non-whites) then birth rates will level. Whites won’t just “disappear”, that’s why they need to import the brown hordes, to mix us out of existence, a “soft genocide”


      2. Thats not a point, its just a speculation. No one knows if birth rates will level out or not. They have been negative in the West from 50 years, and negative in Eastern Europe as well. Or in Japan in S Korea for that matter.
        Population starts do decline if TFR is below 2,1

        So whether there is immigration or not, white people will have to increase their birth rate or their numbers will continue to decline until they disappear.


  4. How about instead of financing immigrants with generous social programs for the rest of their lives, we pour all that money into domestic white population to encourage them to have children.


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