Marketing “Whiteshift” to the masses: or getting the Goyim to accept their own genocide


Jew Eric Kaufmann has a book coming out later this year called “Whiteshift: immigration, populism and the myth of majority decline”

Kaufmann studies white anxiety about immigration and its political manifestation in phenomena such as Brexit or the Trump vote; but he is not a detached scholar, impartially surveying his field. Instead, he seems to see it as his mission to advise elites on how they can best cajole whites into accepting their own ethnic extinction.

His specialty is A/B testing. He’ll find a group of goyim, present a message in two different ways and see which ones gives the better result. For him, the “better result” always seems to be defined as a willingness to accept more immigration.

Once you have the best of the initial two, you take the winner and pair it with another option, continuing to refine the message into optimal white genocide acceptance is achieved.

For example, he offers these options to British voters:

(a) Increase skilled immigration from Africa and Asia, keeping net migration at 275,000, raising the skilled share from 40% to 50%.

(b) Decrease skilled immigration from Africa and Asia, decreasing net migration from 275,000 to 125,000, lowering the skilled share from 40% to 20%.

He finds that the wording “from Africa and Asia” produces a much more negative response than “from outside Europe”, so policy makers should avoid this phrasing. He also finds that people don’t really care about the economic aspects of immigration – skilled or unskilled. They just say they do to avoid being called racists.

Then he throws in a bit about demographic projections.

:(a) Increase immigration from outside Europe, keeping net migration at 275,000, raising the skilled share from 40% to 50%. As a result, the White British share of the UK’s population will decline from 80% today to 58% in 2060.

(b) Decrease immigration from outside Europe, decreasing net migration from 275,000 to 125,000, lowering the skilled share from 40% to 20%. As a result, the White British share of the UK’s population will decline from 80% today to 65% in 2060.

When the demographic projections are included, immigration acceptance falls dramatically. Again, policymakers should avoid this, he advises.


Kaufmann tries to find a message that can appeal to conservatives.

(A) Immigration has risen and fallen over time, but, like the English language, Britain’s culture is only superficially affected by foreign influence. According to Professor X of the University of London, a large share of the children of European immigrants have become White British. Historians tell us that French, Irish, Jews and pre-war black immigrants largely melted into the white majority. Those of mixed race, who share common ancestors with White British people, are growing faster than all minority groups and 8 in 10 of them marry whites. In the long run, today’s minorities will be absorbed into the majority and foreign identities will fade, as they have for public figures with immigrant ancestors like Boris Johnson or Peter Mandelson. Britain shapes its migrants, migration doesn’t shape Britain.

(B) Britain is changing, becoming increasingly diverse. The 2011 census shows that White British people are already a minority in four British cities, including London. Over a quarter of births in England and Wales are to foreign-born mothers. Young Britons are also much more diverse than older Britons. Just 4.5% of those older than 65 are nonwhite but more than 20% of those under 25 are. Minorities’ younger average age, higher birth rate and continued immigration mean that late this century, according to Professor Y, White British people will be in the minority. We should embrace our diversity, which gives Britain an advantage in the global economy.

He finds that the B message stressing diversity or demographic change alarms conservative voters.

Among conservative (Leave/UK Independence Party) voters, those who read the first passage were 20-35 points less willing to sacrifice 5 percent of their income to halt EU migration than UKIP/Leave voters reading the second or no passage.

The way to appeal to conservatives is by emphasising assimilation.

He also advises policymakers to use “constructive ambiguity” in their immigration messages. Or, to put it another way, say one thing to white people and another thing to brown people.


Kaufmann himself is a Mischling, a person of hybrid, including Jewish, ancestry.

In his final chapter, Kaufmann introduces his own background: a Canadian born in Hong Kong with Jewish, Chinese and Hispanic ancestry but who is, in effect, just another North American Anglo in most social situations. With this mixed heritage established, he proposes a cultural regeneration of America based around what he terms “liberal ethnicity”. He suggests that Wasp identity be accepted as just another ethnic option within the range of identities available for American people. He looks to a future in which the state is culturally neutral and all ethnic identities are expressed in cultural rather than racial terms, and are hence open to anyone who wishes to participate in them, on the understanding that those buying into a new culture do not expect it to change to suit them. He even postulates a future mixed-American identity, blending Anglo, African and Indian, akin to the fusion of Aztec and Spanish in Mexico.


But Kaufmann’s research into white genocide acceptance can also be weaponized for white genocide resistance. He identifies the weak point in the enemy fortress: facts or projections showing the extent of demographic change. Activists who obsess about these issues often mistakenly assume that by now everyone must know that almost every country in western Europe will be majority brown by the end of the century. But most normies just don’t.

For that reason, normie-targeted messaging should focus on demographics. “Unless a dramatic political rupture occurs within the next few decades, normie, your descendants will be ruled over for the rest of time by brown people who see them as racial adversaries. And there will be nowhere for them to retreat to when the diversity experiment fails.”

[H/T Seat of Mars for these references]

17 thoughts on “Marketing “Whiteshift” to the masses: or getting the Goyim to accept their own genocide

    1. I think that Trump’s election, and the Brexit vote in the UK, is less of a ‘voter revolution, and more a case of gullible and uninformed people believing the lie that ‘if we only did X’ then everything would be perfect. These two votes are not ‘the people taking back control’ it is in fact the people being sold a bottle of snake oil and being dumb enough to buy it


    2. U.K.I.P. are blatant controlled opposition. It is their role to allow all the Africans and Asians already here to stay (already 30% of our country, census says 20% back in 2011 but that does not include the ones let in since, illegals, not to mention the fact that we know how they lie about everything), and keep letting more in on top, keeping the % going higher and higher, and hopefully fooling airheads into thinking we are doing something.


  1. British racial substrate has remained relatively constant, but small groups of elites (normans, Saxons, Romans, Vikings) would transform the Island.

    The few odd French and and Irish in more recent times can be assimilated. Infinity hordes from nog land cannot.


  2. Will Brexit halt mass Third World immigration? Will Brexit halt the promotion of the “LGBT” mental illness? Will Brexit undo the fundamental flaws of the banking and financial systems? Will Brexit halt the decline of the manufacturing industry? Will Brexit really “save” Britain?

    The answer to all of these questions is, of course, no. The reality is that mass Third World immigration—which has destroyed almost all the large inner city areas of the UK, created Islamic no-go zones, and spurred on internal terrorism—are all policies which have been pursued by successive British governments, and not the European Union.

    The promotion of the “LGBT” insanity and the wilful destruction of traditional family values through the promotion of homosexual marriage, was started by the “Conservative” Party, independently of the European Union.

    The destruction of Britain’s manufacturing industry—and the wholesale exporting of the UK’s industrial processes to China—happened outside of the European Union.

    Many other examples of policies which have—and still do—seriously damage Britain can be given. For example, the UK’s “foreign aid” budget—which next year will exceed the local government budget—has nothing to do with the European Union.

    The reality is that every single major issue which is leading to the destruction of Britain, is completely independent of, and separate from whatever economic dictates are imposed upon the UK by the European Union.

    Even the much-vaunted “EU immigration”—used by the “leave” camp ad infinitum—is, for the greatest part, European in origin.

    In fact, all of the ills mentioned above—and many more—inflict many nations already outside of the EU. Canada is possibly the best example—a veritable lunatic asylum of political correctness devoted exclusively to destroying every last vestige of Western civilization—and the same thing is happening in the United States of America, to a very large degree.

    There is no direct causal link to what many British people seem to perceive as the “ills of the EU” and the European Union as an institution, and it is a seriously mistaken delusion to think that Brexit is going to make all of these problems disappear.


  3. Trump promised and failed:

    _ “Drain the swamp” (purge the financial and Jewish lobbies of the government)

    _Building the wall

    _Deport 50 (and not 11 as fakenews says) millions of illegal.

    _ investigate hillary for his crimes as defense secretary

    _ Revoke (and not substitute for another) obamacare.

    _ end the wars in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel

    _ Support assad

    Do not meddle in international affairs that do not concern the US (northern korea, Palestinian)

    _revocate obama executive orders that allow male transsexuals to use women’s restrooms and vice versa.

    No longer accepting refugees

    Decrease the number of green cards category B1 to protect American jobs.

    In addition, the Trump government has followed the sexagenarian discriminatory policies that penalize poor whites in accessing universities and employment


  4. We should be looking for a new right that is both antidisciplinary and emancipated from the principle of sovereignty.

    Michel Foucault

    In my opinion we should follow his idea to its end.


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