Recent court case in France makes a mockery of justice

Apple has been embroiled in a lawsuit seeking an injunction against Attac, a hard-left, anti-capitalist group that was protesting in its stores in France. Today they lost their suit, but the comments of the judge are very telling:

The order states that the mere presence of protesters at Apple’s stores in France, without violence, vandalism, or customers being blocked from entering the premises, is not enough to justify limiting the group’s rights to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly protected by human rights laws in Europe.

The court added that Attac acted in accordance with the European Union’s Statutes of the Association, and defined the protests as a matter of public interest.

This definitely isn’t vandalism.

Compare the above case with the tribulations of Génération Identitaire who has been fined €40,000 for occupying a mosque, had 14 of its members arrested for participating in an anti-migrant protest and have had a rally banned in Toulouse.

Of course, this ignores the anti-democratic “hate speech” laws that France passed due to Jewish lobbying, they amount to punishing thought-crime; what else could be more of an affront to the principle of Freedom of Expression than a draconian law open to abuse and wielded as a weapon against the indigenous French? (as an aside, left-wing groups have also felt the sting of a hate speech judgment for, quelle surprise, protesting against Israel.)

The ancestors of the indigenous French fought long and hard for the ability of their descendants to be able to enjoy a freedom we take for granted today; however, this freedom is now being extended only to select groups that are hard left but which don’t attack Israel. Meanwhile, indigenous patriots are muzzled like a dog with rabies.

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