(((Yascha Mounk)))’s “unique historical experiment”: transforming a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural democracy into a multi-ethnic one

Yascha Mounk, born in Germany to Jewish parents, now a lecturer at Harvard University, explains to a sympathetic German journalist why the plebs are so unhappy with politics at the moment: “We are here daring to attempt a unique historical experiment: transforming a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural democracy into a multi-ethnic one.”




  1. First, Thanks so much for your articles! Always great stuff. I don’t think I’d have found this gem.
    I’ve nothing constructive to say about these people…hate doesn’t quite describe it.


  2. People like that convinced me to become an antisemite. A Jew in Germany is always a foreigner, they themselves have a “Council of Jews in Germany”, not “Germans who happen to believe in Judaism”. They define themselves as “Not German!” When Ignatz Bubis died, he wanted to be buried at home. Back then (1999) I thought, oh he is not from Berlin, where does he come from? Not Southern, Northern, Western or Eastern Germany, but Israel, a country he only rarely visited (being born on German soil in Breslau, which is currently occupied by Poland). Even fellow Jews thought he was despicable and his grave was vandalized by Meir Mendelssohn shortly after his burial.
    Yascha Mounk has outed himself as a member of a cabal to destroy Europe and Western Civilization in general. He will of course complain when he is accordingly treated as an enemy combatant.


  3. Israel is currently rounding up black Africans in Israel, putting them into detention facilities (concentration camps), and making plans to deport them back to the countries of their origin, because the Jews say their presence endangers Israeli culture and society.


  4. For goodness’ sake! In retribution for the horrors of WWII, we (westerners) gave Israel back to them, why can’t they just stay there and leave us alone?


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