Palermo: Forza Nuova leader bound hand and foot and beaten bloody by Antifa

Massimiliano Ursino, right; Roberto Fiore, left

In Palermo, Massimiliano Ursino, the provincial secretary of Forza Nuova (New Force), a patriotic anti-immigration party, dubbed “far right” by the Italian Establishment, was attacked by a group of Antifa not far from the party’s offices. He was bound hand and foot with tape and then beaten bloody by around 10 assailants who filmed the assault on their mobile phones. Their faces were covered with ski masks and scarves.

Roberto Fiore, the leader of Forza Nuova, is due to visit Palermo in a few days.


UPDATE: I believe this is some of the video of the attack.




  1. Leaders of parties on the right must have teams of bodyguards 24 hours around the clock.

    England’s Britain First leaders have bodyguards around the clock.


    1. Here’s a better idea. Antifas should be shot on the spot.

      Mussollini’s time will come again. We all know what he did to communists.

      Italians are no-bullshit people. They invented the Mafia after all. No mercy.


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