Behold, Joan of Arc!


Every year Orléans hosts a Joan of Arc festival (Fêtes johanniques) in which a local schoolgirl plays the part of Joan of Arc. This year the new Joan is Mathilde Edey Gamassou, whose father is from Benin and whose mother is Polish.

Asked whether it was important that a mixed-race person had been chosen, she replied:

“I’m mixed-race, so what? The young girl who embodies Joan of Arc can be white or mixed-race, it doesn’t matter. As long as she is French.”

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10 thoughts on “Behold, Joan of Arc!

  1. Next time, I see you bash Poles on any forum like the Daily Stormer, I will hunt you down and make sure you suck through a straw for the rest of your life. I know who you are, and know where to find you. Keep in that mind. You understand what I’m saying to you? It’s a small world. DO NOT FUCK WITH ME, OR YOU’LL PAY THE PRICE. That’s a promise.



    1. Poles react to free speech the same way Jews do. This makes me suspect there was some mutual gene transfer or cultural influence during the period of Jewish residence in Poland.


  2. It’s time to turn the tables. We have to start writing plays and films about black historical heroes and casting them with White actors. Oh, wait. Never mind.


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