“Traini shows us the way”: Graffiti left in praise of Italian shooter



The message “Traini docet” was sprayed on the wall of the Buonconvento cemetery in Siena over the weekend. “Docet” is Latin, with the meaning “teaches”, “shows”, “demonstrates”. The implication is that Luca Traini set an example that other Italians should aim to follow. Police are investigating.

There have been many signs of popular support for Luca Traini who shot 6 black immigrants on a random shooting spree that appears to have been triggered by the murder and dismemberment of 18-year-old Italian girl Pamela Mastropietro, Recent reports have suggested that Pamela may have been killed in a ritual fashion and that her body parts may even have been eaten.


More pro-Traini graffiti has appeared, this time in Todi, Umbria. It says “We respect Luca Traini”. He seems to be becoming a Robin Hood-like figure, an icon of “White Revenge”.




  1. While I agree with the principal I also feel that organised violence and protest are the only way forward.


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