Are the Jews behind the Oxfam scandal?

For the last week or so the British media has been convulsed with the story of an Oxfam sex scandal in Haiti in 2010. The claim is that senior officials in the charity had “Caligula-like” orgies with (possibly underage) prostitutes in the country while working there in 2010, following the big earthquake.

Oxfam’s director, Mark Goldring, said something this morning that got me thinking.

“The intensity and the ferocity of the attack makes you wonder, what did we do? We murdered babies in their cots? Certainly, the scale and the intensity of the attacks feels out of proportion to the level of culpability. I struggle to understand it. You think: ‘My God, there’s something going on there.’”

This is actually true. There is a strange intensity to the attacks on Oxfam which is hard to explain in rational terms, particularly since complaints were made at the time, an investigation took place and the people involved were dismissed for “misconduct”. The “scandal” now seems to be that the sexual nature of the misconduct was not publicly revealed.

Nor is it easy to explain why a story from 2010 is being suddenly dredged up.

Then I recalled that Priti Patel, Britain’s former development secretary, says she had been aware of the issue and was determined to press it.

Patel ultimately lost her job due to revelations that she had established bizarre personal ties with Israeli government officials.

There have been suggestions that news of her Israeli connections had been leaked by Oxfam to “take her out”.  Her resignation came in November last year. Is it possible the Oxfam scandal is a revenge play by the Jews? Three months is about the minimum length of time you would have to wait before hitting back without drawing too much suspicion.

Oxfam has been one of the sternest critics of Israel. A few years ago it was involved in a well-publicised spat with Scarlet Johansson over her involvement with Sodastream, which ran a factory in the “Occupied Territories”.

There’s no question that the Jews see Oxfam as an enemy.


And there’s also no question that the Jews have pushing this scandal, talking it up whenever possible.


Some of them cannot conceal their glee at Oxfam’s discomfiture.


The recent Oxfam scandal started with a story in The Times. Although neither the author of the article nor the newspaper’s editor are Jewish, The Times has become known as a Jewish stronghold thanks to its second-to-last editor (((James Harding))) giving many of the key jobs to Jews. Looking at their roster of columnists, you have the impression that around one quarter/one third are members of the tribe although Jews are not even half a per cent of the UK population.

All in all, although there’s no hard evidence, it seems to me quite plausible that this “scandal” is a contrived retaliation for Oxfam’s criticism of Israel and the role it may have played in the dismissal of Priti Patel. Obviously Oxfam are a bunch of deranged do-gooders and I shed no tears for them, but we should be aware of the agendas that are at play.


One thought on “Are the Jews behind the Oxfam scandal?

  1. dunno, seems to me its jew on jew perceived conflict, hegelian style, oxfams current director goldring sounds like a kike and lets face it, any group or movement thats popular and “anti-jewish” will be infiltrated and taken over for the good of the tribe and weaponized against the goy.


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