Jewish collaboration with Muslims during the invasion of Spain: Part 7


We generally assume that our knowledge of history must be in a state of continuous improvement as new research is done, and that,, consequently, modern historical writing must reflect this and give us a more accurate picture of the past than was possible before. But it isn’t so. Political prejudices in the present distort our understanding of the past. It’s clear that the Jews have achieved a kind of “air supremacy” in our civilisation where they are largely able to dictate what everyone else is allowed to say. Dissenters are met with crushing force.

For that reason you can sometimes find more truth in older works, before political correctness set in and the Jews took control. Try finding a modern work that is as candid as this 1935 book, “Isabella of Spain: The Last Crusader” by William Thomas Walsh.

Hardly had the Mohammedan Arabs subdued and organized
the Berbers of north Africa when they were invited
by the Spanish Jews to cross the nine-mile strip of water at
Gibraltar and possess themselves of the Christian kingdom.
The plot was discovered, and the Jews sternly punished. A
second attempt, however, was successful at a moment when
the Visigoth monarchy was perishing of its own follies. “It
remains a fact,” says the Jewish Encyclopedia, “that the Jews,
either directly or through their co-religionists in Africa,
encouraged the Mohammedans to conquer Spain.” In
709 the Arab general Tarik led an army of Berbers, in which
there were many African Jews, across the straits. Defeating
and slaying King Roderigo, with the aid of Christian
traitors, at the great battle of Jerez de la Frontera, they
carried death in all directions through the peninsula.
Wherever they went, the Jews threw open to them the gates
of the principal cities, so that in an incredibly short time the
Africans were masters of all Spain save the little kingdom of
the Asturias in the northern mountains, where the Christian
survivors who were unwilling to accept Islam reassembled
and prepared to win back their heritage. Meanwhile the
Berbers entered France along the Mediterranean coast.8
The whole western culture of Rome was in jeopardy a
second time, from the same enemy; for by a striking coincidence
it was the same Berber race that had followed Hannibal*
across the Alps into Italy nearly a thousand years

Source: “Isabella of Spain: The Last Crusader” by William Thomas Walsh (link)

When will the Jews apologise and pay compensation to the Spanish people for their centuries of suffering under Muslim rule?

*[My added footnote. Hannibal fought against Rome on behalf of Carthage which had been founded by Phoenicians, who were a Semitic people. The Roman view of Carthage had many elements in common with counter-Semitic propaganda across the ages. For example, they were seen as soulless merchants lacking in any true patriotism or sense of peoplehood; their polity was run like a corporation; they were depicted as wily and clever with words. At a certain stage in the Rome-Carthage wars, Greek states might have sided with one or the other. Part of Rome’s pitch to the Greeks in a bid for their support was that Carthage was somehow alien, oriental, un-European.]

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