Berlin: Pre-school children to get gender diversity brainwashing


The Berlin Senate has paid for a 140-page teaching manual that provides instruction for teachers on how to teach gender diversity issues to pre-school children at nursery institutions.

The educational initiative is called Queerformat. So far it is a first for Germany, but no doubt will soon spread elsewhere.

The title page reads “Murats plays a princess, Alex has two mothers and Sophie is now called Ben – Sexual and gender diversity as topics for inclusive pre-school teaching”


4 thoughts on “Berlin: Pre-school children to get gender diversity brainwashing

  1. The entire gender concept, along with promulgation of sexual perversions (homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgenderism etc ad nauseam) is designed firstly to denigrate Christian, Western morality and to create a dysfunctional group, society or people, the better to be able to control and manipulate them as a means to eventually destroy them and, secondly, obviously, as a conduit during the ‘transition’ period from normality to perversion for paedophilia. Evil and immoral, and there should be total resistance and overthrow of such concepts and their use in the ultimate goal of the enemy within. Any attempt at ‘tolerating’ or acquiescing to these concepts will only embolden it and hasten our demise as a people.


  2. This is grooming. The decadent sexually perverse crowd needs more warm bodies to abuse and this will provide then with a tidal wave of young bodies.


  3. is there alot of trannys or something? how big is the gay population that we need to be teaching children about sexuallity at such a young age?


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