Large majority of Israeli Jews support plan to deport Africans

You have to admire the stagecraft here. Very effective optics. I am moved by the tragedy of these Africans. I may even write a poem about it. Later on. If I have time. Maybe.


One speaker in the video claims the Israeli public supports the “asylum seekers” but a recent opinion poll suggests otherwise.

A large majority of Israelis support the deportation of African asylum-seekers to third countries that agree to take them in, according to a public opinion survey published Wednesday.


The survey also found that most Israelis do not believe that the Jewish people, who suffered persecution throughout history, have a special obligation to help African asylum-seekers.


The Peace Index, a monthly public opinion survey published by the Jerusalem-based Israel Democracy Institute, found that two out of every three Israelis either “strongly supports” (45 percent) or “moderately supports” (21 percent) the recently unveiled government deportation plan. Support was considerably higher among Jews (69 percent) than among Arabs (50 percent).


Under the government plan, about 20,000 asylum seekers, mainly from Eritrea and Sudan, will be given the choice of deportation or being jailed for an indefinite period. Those who agree to be deported back to Africa will receive a $3,500 payment. Deportations will be carried out starting in April.


Asked whether Jews need to show greater generosity to asylum seekers because of their history as a persecuted people, 55 percent of those questioned said they disagree (60 percent of the Jewish respondents and 32 percent of the Arab respondents). Only about a third of the Jewish respondents said they agree.



3 thoughts on “Large majority of Israeli Jews support plan to deport Africans

  1. I would offer that virtually ALL jews in Israel support the deportation. Those who appear to be protesting the removal of the “infiltrators” are only doing so to support the illusion that there is diverging opinions among jews, because they know there is no chance in hell that those Africans are staying anyway.


  2. Perhaps the reason why a majority of israelis do not believe jews have an obligation to support illegal aliens ,”because” of jews’ supposed ‘persecution’ throughout history, is because they are better placed than other peoples to know how false that image of the eternal victim, never a perpetrator, really is. When push comes to shove, self-interest will, and should, always win the day for ANY ‘native people’ (even if the ‘natives’, of all hues and ideologies, have indulged in a bit of land-grabbing, conquest and colonisation, over the millenia).

    In the interest of fairness, let us wish all sides in this particular dispute, success — which can only work out, ultimately, as beneficial for the rest of us.


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