Irony free negro assures us it’s pointless to study race and IQ

A mulatto or possibly quadroon writing in National Review argues that, even if blacks have lower IQs on average (they do, see below) it’s pointless to research this area as it serves no purpose. It is a piece devoid of science and fact but rather resorts to anecdote, appeals to emotion and narcissistic navel gazing to make its point.

Remember, whites think that because they don’t follow in-group interests and can maintain a high degree of impartiality when talking about controversial matters that therefore all people are equally impartial and objective. Time and again we learn this is patently false and that non-whites will always turn discussion away from inquiry and toward advocating self-censure.

The overall theme of the piece is this:

There is, however, a question that those claiming black people are genetically predisposed to have lower IQs than others fail to answer: What, precisely, would we gain from discussing this particular issue?

What would we gain from discussing the fact blacks have, on average, an IQ well below whites and East Asians? We could stop affirmative action programs for one, since shoehorning woefully unqualified people into jobs just to make them more diverse will invariably end up harming the quality of that job’s output.

We would also stop with the lunacy of importing sub-Saharan Africans thinking they’ll not only thrive in our technologically advanced, high skilled societies but also help pay for our pensions and welfare.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 17.55.36.png

Note that this is African American IQs, their average IQ is 85 thanks to white and Native American admixture. Sub Saharan blacks fare much worse, just take a gander at this site:




6 thoughts on “Irony free negro assures us it’s pointless to study race and IQ

  1. Studying race and IQ would also reveal the strong biological proclivity of blacks and Hispanics toward criminal behavior due to high testosterone coupled with low intellect, which results in an inability to exercise forethought and control impulsivity…and that “systemic racism” in the justice system and alleged racial profiling are nonsense. More blacks are in jail because they are biologically and psychologically predisposed to criminal behavior. Accepting this natural reality would get the racist accusations and other BS off the backs of Whites. The author of that National Review article is an ignorant twat.


      1. They have higher free testosterone which, as you rightly point out, is meaningless. The fact is most of it undergoes aromatisation and becomes oestrogen which explains a few of their physical features (eg lips, fat distribution and generally glabrous skin). It would also go some way to explaining their hysteria or chimping out.

        I think oestrogen is the real anger inducing hormone, it certainly promotes hysteria.


      2. No, testosterone alone doesn’t cause criminal behavior, however, high testosterone combined with low IQ absolutely does. No one argues that testosterone is the hormone of assertiveness, drive and aggression. It’s also the hormone of sexual desire in both sexes; no estrogen has nothing to do with sexual desire in women. It’s also important to know that hormones (not just the sexual ones) are so powerful, that they’re measured in nonograms and pictograms; that’s billionths and trillionths of a gram. It’s commonly held through research that blacks have testosterone levels that are, on average, 19% higher than Whites. You can tell that just by looking at them with their freakishly lean and muscular physiques that they have to do very little or often nothing to maintain. I’ve seen many black men in their 60’s who look like an Adonis who weren’t bodybuilders. Even if the black testosterone level is only half as high as reported at 9% higher than Whites, that’s still a massive difference considering how powerful a nanogram of any hormone can be. Keep in mind, even black women have higher testosterone that White women, as well.

        The drawback is when high testosterone is combined with low intelligence. In such cases, there is a serious drive to act impulsively with little or no way to control sexual behavior or aggression–an almost complete lack of ability to think before one acts. I read a book years ago by a man who lived and worked in Africa for over a decade and kept a diary of his experiences. He observed through personal experience what many of us already know instinctively, that because of low IQ, blacks lack the ability to think abstractly. They cannot think along the line of, “If I throw my broken pot into the middle of the street, what would happen if everyone threw their trash into the street? Maybe I should find a better way of disposing of my trash.” The ability to perceive future consequences and use that information to manage one’s present behavior and choices is largely missing in blacks. Combined with high testosterone–that’s a recipe for chronic criminal behavior.


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