Cleopatra wasn’t black: it seems we need to keep saying it

Black Cleopatra is one of the Left’s favourite (pseudo-)historical memes.

For some reason I thought they’d grown up and moved past it. But two recent productions suggest otherwise.

Their thought process seems to go like this:

Cleopatra=Queen of Egypt

Egypt=In Africa (just barely)


Suck it up, racists! Famous Romans were bewitched by a black woman. Ha! Ha! Ha!

It seems these people lack even the most basic knowledge of history.

Cleopatra was the last representative of the Ptolemaic dynasty that emerged when Alexander the Great’s empire disintegrated after his death. His generals carved out little kingdoms for themselves from the vast territories he had conquered. Ptolemy, one of those generals, took Egypt. Cleopatra, his descendant, like Alexander, was a Macedonian-Greek. She spoke Greek. She was ethnically Greek. Her culture was Greek. She was about as African as I am. Leftists take note.


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