Israel develops a global “Goyim Knowing” detector

Diaspora Ministry unveils system for tracking online anti-Semitism

The ‘most advanced’ system of its kind in the world can monitor social media posts against Jews in real time, ministry saysIllustrative: Dark forces on the web via Shutterstock

Ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Diaspora Ministry unveiled on Thursday what it said was new technology for detecting anti-Semitic content on the internet.

The software, called the Anti-Semitism Cyber ​​Monitoring System, or ACMS, is “the most advanced development in the world for monitoring anti-Semitism in real time,” the ministry said in a statement.

According to the ministry, the ACMS tracks anti-Semitic posts on social media and can detect how widely they’ve been shared, who is sharing them, and which cities and countries produce the most anti-Semitic content.

The system uses the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism when scanning for content, and will initially monitor posts in English, Arabic, French and German on Facebook and Twitter before expanding to other platforms and languages.

In addition to the system itself, the ministry will operate a “war room” to analyze the anti-Semitic posts and will share the content with internet companies so they can be removed.

During a month-long trial of the ACMS, the ministry said it detected a total of 409,000 anti-Semitic posts by 30,000 users.

The ministry said the three “most anti-Semitic cities” were Santiago, Chile; Dnipro, Ukraine; and Bucharest, Romania. The cities in Western countries with the most anti-Semitic posts were Paris and London, according to the ministry.

Praising the system, Diaspora Affairs Ministry Naftali Bennett said it would expose online anti-Semites “for all to see.”

“The time has come to put a mirror in front of our haters and expose the ugly face of modern anti-Semitism,” he said. “From now on we’ll know who every anti-Semitic inciter is.”

Bennett also said “anti-Semitism hasn’t disappeared, it changed its shape and moved from the street to the internet.”

“Especially during the week we mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we must expose and shine a spotlight on the sources of anti-Semitic incitement,” said Bennett.


How insane is this. Imagine the Irish government developed software to monitor every anti-Irish joke anyone ever told, every disparaging remark about Irish people anyone ever made, in real time, colluding with every leading internet company to gain access to this data. And if the Irish government somehow wanted to do this, do you really think the internet companies would agree to just hand over the data to it?

“Oh, we just had 3 Irish jokes in the last hour in Seattle. Send a response team immediately!”

It’s almost as of those antisemitic conspiracy theories about sinister, globe-spanning networks of conspiring Jews were true.


11 thoughts on “Israel develops a global “Goyim Knowing” detector

  1. Be proud to be an “anti-semite.” Be proud to expose the historical deception of these bloodsucking parasites throughout history and how they destroy every nation they inhabit. This also hinges on the global spy network of the Jews under the heading of Operation Talpiot.

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  2. I swear we’re only a few years away from criticizing jews being punishable by death if we don’t make a LOT of noise about this. It’s one of the first things the jewish Bolsheviks did when they took over Russia; they made anti-Semitism a crime that came with an instant death sentence. It was German commandant, Rudolf Hess, who said before he was murdered in a German prison, “In 100 years, we will be the greatest heroes.”

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  3. The Jews are more paranoid than the rest of the world put together. Any remark which falls short of fawning praise of Jews is seen as heralding the next extermination event. The world has nearly 7,000 languages. Just think, Jews: someone, somewhere, is telling the truth about you in a language you haven’t even heard of. Oy vey, Hymie, raise the paranoia level to maximum.

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  4. 1930’s Germany told people they were special. That’s all. Today the same approach is evident in Europe and US (West). While Asia is built-up the Western youth and disadvantaged are told they’re special and oppressed by others.

    Last century the West was industrialized, this century the East is industrialized and the West degraded.

    People still follow the Nazis because the Nazis told ‘some’ people that they were special. It’s irresistable.


    1. Not quite. People still follow the Nazis because they stood up for their own people. People are crying out for a leader that actually cares about them. That’s what the Nazis delivered.

      Western youth is NOT told they are special. Quite the opposite, they are told they are the scum of the earth. It’s been going on a very long time, I still remember the 1960’s integration programs that bussed white kids into black neighborhoods. Blatant forced integration. They didn’t use the term ‘white privilege’ at that time but the underlying sentiment was clear. White children had to be brought down a notch to make up for their racist slave owning ways.

      They got away with their attack and are now stepping up the game. It’s never going to end until whites are crushed into a dirty stain in the soil. Then utterly forgotten. White achievements, history, hopes, and spirit will be totally erased from the earth, more thoroughly than the dinosaurs.


  5. NOTE TO ADMINISTRATOR OF DMF: We appear to have a jewish troll (the remark of Anonymous at 2:14am, probably from the site which is the subject of this thread) A rather obvious method of these jewish trolls in order to disparage the site’s serious content and intent.


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