“Fuck Jesus!”: African boxer tears up Bible on video

This is the Congolese-French boxer Youri Kalenga. He rambles, in part-French, part-English, about how “our country”, by which he seems to mean Africa, is being destroyed, apparently by Christianity.

He says “It’s stupidity. Stop believing that.”

He seems to be doing this in France, although we can’t be sure. He speaks in French to some people walking past.

On BoxRec (link), his place of residence is listed as Calais.

Will Christian mobs riot and burn in response to this “blasphemy”? Will he be charged with inciting hate as I’m sure he would have been if had he torn up a Koran or a Talmud?



  1. How self-deluded does someone have to be to look at this biped and assume he is cut from the same cloth as a human?


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