In Clown World, White people are persecuted for feelings they can’t help having

Vile Establishment toady Piers Morgan interviews Capn’ Bolton

So Captain Henry Bolton quivered and ran at the first sign of enemy fire. The leader of UKIP has chucked his girlfriend over the sentiments she expressed in a private chat.


Let’s consider the implications of this.

She did nothing other than express her feelings. These are aesthetic preferences, like the kind of music you like or the food you like to eat.  It’s important to stress that these feelings are non-volitional. They arise spontaneously in the mind, without conscious choice.

A distinction must be made between the objective and subjective realms: between action and thought.

The moral argument against racism – defined as discriminatory action based on race – has always been that it persecutes people for something they can’t help.

But now white people face exactly this kind of discrimination and persecution. We have gone from objective reality to the subjective realm of thought and feeling. White people are punished for having their synapses activate in response to the “wrong” stimuli.

Persecuting Bolton’s girlfriend because she feels a distaste for the physical appearance of negroes makes no more moral sense than persecuting her because she prefers Wagner to Mahler or heavy metal to rap. Since she cannot control her neuro-aesthetic responses, ethically this is no different from denying a negro a job just because he is a negro. Yet the rulers cheer on the first form of persecution while decrying the latter.

If this absurd trend continues, soon they’ll be blaming men who don’t want to have sex with trannies. Oh wait…


A reminder: one quarter of the British population (and probably a third or so of those who actually are British) self-describe as racist. 15 million people. 15 million people reduced by the ruling class to the status of Untermenschen, dehumanised non-persons,  not allowed to participate in honest public debate about their country’s future, not allowed to have jobs, not allowed to have boyfriends/girlfriends. This is an Apartheid imposed on white people for the crime of wanting to exist.




5 thoughts on “In Clown World, White people are persecuted for feelings they can’t help having

  1. Leaving aside your argument about aesthetical preferences of this woman, two points: there is no such thing as privacy on all these ‘social network’ systems or any computer and secondly, what was the real intention of this ‘girlfriend’ in posting these comments in the manner she did? Did she not consider what the political effect would be, or, should we be asking if she did know what would happen and deliberately posted her remarks in order to create chaos. It would hardly be the first time that infiltrators have used personal connections to supposed leaders of parties to create a public scene which impacts negatively on the party, and its members.


  2. if we ever see a white own their comments about wacisim rather than back down like a little pussy bitch we will know the tide is turning, funny how the nigger can call for genociding the whites and no one bats a eyelid, we know why oi vey


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