French actor makes film bashing Muslims, Jews come after him

The French actor Gérard Boyadjian [of Armenian descent] made a short film called “Chameau Pas d’Amalgame” [Camel no generalisation]. It’s basically just him driving around his car for 13 minutes, ranting against Muslims and political correctness. Watch it below if you can understand French.

In France the phrase “Pas d’Amalgame” [No generalisation] is trotted out every time a Muslim terror attack occurs, implying that the blame shouldn’t be generalised to other Muslims. It’s a bit like the “tiny minority of extremists” line in English.

After he produced this film attacking Muslims, the Jews came after him. Once of their organisations, LICRA, filed charges against him. LICRA was founded in 1927 after the Jew Sholom Schwartzbard murdered a visiting Ukrainian politician in Paris. The Jew claimed it was justified because his victim was involved in pogroms. LICRA spread that claim through propaganda in the press. In the end, Schwartzbard was acquitted of the crime. There are streets named after him in Israel today.

Since then LICRA has been working to destroy the ethnic integrity of the French nation, lobbying, alongside its counterpart organisation CRIF, for laws that criminalise free speech, the same laws that are now being used against this actor. Of course he doesn’t grasp that. He thinks the problem is Muslims and even reproaches them for their antisemitism. Now he’s thinking about leaving France.

This is how we’re being played.



3 thoughts on “French actor makes film bashing Muslims, Jews come after him

  1. But they have had a totalitarian law against free speech in France since 1990. I am talking about the law against holocaust revisionism. Far too many people dismissed concerns by saying it would only apply to “Nazis” and “anti semites” even though there are Jews who are holocaust revisionists. This was the beginning of the end of free speech in France – they have been played for a long time.


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