We wuz Romanz

When I first heard of the new Sky series Britannia, I had high hopes. Ancient Britain, Druids, Celts, this has to be diversity-free, right? But, no, I thought. It’s got Romans, too. They might try and work some diversity angle in through the Romans. Looking at the trailer confirmed these suspicions.

Here we see a negro Roman soldier.

Romanz Later on we see a crazy-looking Briton talking to, presumably, the same negro’s beheaded head with the slogan “Not everyone wants to be civilised.”


So it looks like the propaganda angle on this is going to be: Big-hearted “Roman” negroes try to bring civilisation to the barbarous Britons who, because of their racism and xenophobia, fail to properly appreciate it.



7 thoughts on “We wuz Romanz

  1. So sick of the endless cultural appropriation. The goal is to not only dispossess us of our lands but our very history. The next step will be to claim we were “never really a people at all”, just like they do to the Palestinians.

    I actually saw a BBC adaptation of a Dickens novel where a clearly Arab man was cast as a British genius inventor…in the 19th century, no less. I’ve seen racially ambiguous actors cast along side White actors as their “siblings”. I’ve seen blacks inserted into period pieces and positions where they would never have existed during the time. Anachronisms like these have reached preposterous levels. In order to enjoy any film free of politically correct distortion, you really have to view films and such produced before 1990, and even then it’s no guarantee, but that’s what I’ve been doing.


    1. “just like they do to the Palestinians”
      oh fuck off you obvious Muslim. Why do you even give a shit about a bunch of stinky Arab Muslims that migrated into formerly Ottoman lands? I’m not even siding with the Jews who deserve all the Islamic attacks they get for creating Muslims, “Palestinians” are nothing but Muslims that should be exterminated. They never were a Palestinian people, they are just Arab Muslims.


  2. Niggers were a minor part of Imperial Rome. What is now being misinterpreted, is that people who live around the Mediterranean coastline, are properly, Bronze. I am one. Away from the sun, very white, and with only fifteen minutes of sunshine, we do not turn pink. We turn deep bronze with red hue. I have had black women comment on my skin tone, then I removed my wristwatch and they were stunned. In history notations, “dark” people, translates into “the Bronze”, the name we are known by in Europe and all around the Mediterranean.


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