Muslims thank Jews for helping them overcome kuffar resistance in Kosovo

Back in the day, it was a crazy conspiracy theory that Jews were behind the Kosovo war. Now they boast about it in their newspapers and the Muslims thank them by putting their faces on stamps.

Serbs tried to stop Muslims taking over their ancestral homeland through demographic conquest. And NATO intervened to stop them. And, as this article from the Jewish Daily Forward makes clear, NATO’s action was orchestrated by Jews.

Majority-Muslim Kosovo Puts Jewish Congressman On Stamp

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Rep. Eliot Engel has become the first U.S. congressman to be featured on a postage stamp in Kosovo.

Engel, a New York Democrat, may be the first Jewish member of Congress on a stamp, period. Bella Abzug helped inspire a 1999 stamp celebrating the women’s rights movement, but the late New York Democrat’s face isn’t on it.

Engel was among a cadre of U.S. lawmakers and public figures who urged the Clinton administration to intervene during the Kosovo war in 1999, heading off what many feared would be a genocide of Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians at the hands of Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic.

Many of the same figures were part of the push to recognize the Balkan state when it declared independence in 2008.

Among those members of Congress out front in the push to protect Kosovo were Jewish, including Engel. Ask Kosovar Albanians why, and more often than not they’ll explain that it’s because the men are Jewish: Albanians saved Jews during the Holocaust, and Jews subsequently returned the favor.

Engel’s stamp was presented to him this week when he was in the country to help open an office of the Millennium Challenge Corp., a U.S. government assistance agency. Engel’s office helped secure a $49 million MCC grant for the country.

“I’m deeply honored and surprised that this was being done. I had no idea,” Engel told JTA in an email message. “My work to promote the U.S.-Kosovo relationship has been among the most meaningful endeavors of my years in Congress. I’m happy to have helped people’s lives and promote prosperity in the region.”

It’s not Engel’s first honor in the country: In 2008, the town of Pec named a street for him.



The ancient alliance, forged in the Arabian desert, is still going strong.

Is it me or does his image on the stamp look strangely like the Happy Merchant/Jew Bwahaha graphic? Could this be some kind of sly mockery from the Albanians? I doubt their minds are subtle enough for that.





2 thoughts on “Muslims thank Jews for helping them overcome kuffar resistance in Kosovo

  1. “The ancient alliance, forged in the Arabian desert, is still going strong.”

    Absolutely. It’s only the peon Arabs in the field that buy into the false dialectic that jews and Arabs are actually opposed to each other on any fundamental level. At the top of both communities, it is a coordinated and concerted effort moving against their common enemy, Whites. Of course, some jews and Arabs might be lost along the way, but that is only considered collateral damage, a necessary cost to the jew-arab alliance running the whole political strategy from the global level.


  2. Madeleine Albright, the Jew who was then Secretary of State, ordered the bombing of Serbia on Easter Sunday, the holiest day in the Christian calendar because that is the day of the Resurrection of the True Messiah (Who is nothing to do with the ‘jewish’ version of a political ‘messiah’ who will help them to achieve world domination and inform them who their enemies are who must be genocided out of existence). The Jews hate Christmas (note all the anti-Christmas trash articles in media leading up to the Day) because it is the fulfillment of the prophecies of Isiah and it, along with the Resurrection, holds out Love and Salvation, not hatred, to all the world’s peoples.

    This is a War against Christ, Christianity and Christians. I read details, each day, from bodies concerned with religious freedom throughout the world and the threats to religious adherents of all faiths: Christians are the most persecuted, by Jews (in the deadliest of ways, through degradation of culture , laws restricting outward displays of Christianity including reading the Gospel, and by flooding Western countries with non-Christian, hostile aliens)), by the Hindus in India (this is hardly mentioned in Lying Jewish Media), by the Chinese government, by the Moslems and especially by the EU which is under Jewish control as the means by which the New World Order will be achieved (NWO was first mentioned during WWII by an American governmental body which stated openly in its report that the Jews were specifically to be a part of this New World Order).


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