Early Islamic coins feature menorahs: “There is no God but Judah”

There is no God but Allah Judah

Another indication of Islam’s true origins has come to light recently: early Islamic coins have been found, imprinted with menorah symbols.


Researchers recently discovered that menorahs prominently adorned Muslim coins and vessels during the early Islamic period 1,300 years ago.


Relics inscribed with the Jewish symbol dating to the Umayyad dynasty during the seventh-eighth centuries were found at various archaeological sites in Israel and are now being exhibited to the public.

Last year, archaeologists Assaf Avraham of Bar-Ilan University, and Peretz Reuven of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem exposed an early Islamic inscription referring to the Dome of the Rock as “Beit al-Maqdis.”


According to scholars, the “Nuba inscription,” as it is called, implies that in the early days of Islam, Muslims perceived the shrine as an Islamic version of the Temple of Solomon.


Now, researchers are exposing further finds in Israel that constitute evidence of Jewish influences in the early days of Islam.

“The Jewish symbol which the Muslims were using was the menorah [the gold seven-branch candelabra from the Temple], which appeared on several coins and other early Islamic artifacts,” said Avraham on Wednesday.


“The menorah coins bear the Shahada Arabic inscription on one side: ‘There is no god but Allah,’ while the menorah appears in the center of the coin. The other side bears the inscription: ‘Muhammad [is the] messenger of God.’”


In addition to the coins, the archeologists are presenting several pottery and lead vessels from the early Islamic period that also utilized the menorah symbol in their design.


“They are dated to the early days of the Islamic caliphate, and were in use by Muslims,” said Avraham, noting that the finds are of great importance for understanding the history of Islam.


“We wish that many Muslims will be exposed to this knowledge, which is part of their own religious and cultural heritage,” he continued.


“We have launched an informational project whose goal is to expose this information to the world and to Muslims in particular. We hope that this exposure will promote an educated dialogue between Jews and Muslims.


Regular visitors know that the connection between Islam and Judaism is the principal theme of this blog. It has been covered in many articles which are linked to at the bottom of the “Jew as Ally of the Muslim” page.

In summary, for those who don’t have the patience to go through it all:

Jews had a religion whose absolute focus was the performance of sacrifices in the Jerusalem temple. Yet they were expelled from Jerusalem by the Romans. The Jewish priestly caste, the Kohanim, whose role it was to perform the sacrifices, had thus been rendered redundant. Nonetheless, they dreamed of a return to Jerusalem and schemed to bring it about. The expelled Kohanim settled in distinct settlements of their own in order to avoid genetic contamination from lesser Jews (according to Jewish religious law, the Halacha, priestly bloodlines had to be kept pure). One of these settlements was Medina, a town they came to dominate. This is the milieu in which Islam emerged. Jews needed the Arabs to help them reconquer Jerusalem from the Christians. They invented Islam to fool them into doing it.  Muhammad was Jewish puppet like Martin Luther King. Of course the Jews had no idea of the long-term catastrophic consequences for the world that would arise from the creation of this monster, Islam. Nonetheless, they have been happy to instrumentalise Muslims against Christians down to the present day as a low-IQ, easily manipulated zombie army.


5 thoughts on “Early Islamic coins feature menorahs: “There is no God but Judah”

  1. Great work as always CZ….. I suspect that there are thousands of people who read the articles and posts here, but are afraid to comment. Thanks for doing what you do!


  2. Jews are not Judah and they have NOTHING to do with the history of Bible and Old Testament. Jews are tribe of JUDAS and descendants of Satan. After Constantine recognize Christianity in 4th century Rome as a religion of Rome, jews created satanic Islam to destroy Christianity. Mohamed was a pedophile jew and mass murderer and ALL arabs are mix swines with DNA identical to a jews. Even the word arab means MIX race or how we Christians call Bastard a mongrel.


  3. That Muhammad was friendly with local Jews (before they rejected his new religion) is a well-known established fact which can be found in biographies of Muhammad. Yet people often fail to note the significance of the fact. Islam can be looked upon as Judaism for gentiles, a form of Judaism that is designed to be easier to practice, to which a gentile can easily and readily convert; this explains its popularity. It is a shame that so many have been deceived by it, and have died unsaved, and will be punished for their sins. Islam can save no one, since it is merely Judaism for gentiles.


  4. This makes Kamal Salibi’s work make sense. From Wikepedia:

    Kamal Salibi wrote three books advocating the controversial “Israel in Arabia” theory. In this view, the place names of the Hebrew Bible actually allude to places in southwest Arabia. As the Arabian Hebrews migrated and many resettled in Palestine (part of which is now called Eretz Israel) where they established the Hasmonean kingdom under Simon Maccabaeus in the second century B.C..

    Searched for Salibi and this also popped up: “Before Islam: When Saudi Arabia Was a Jewish Kingdom
    read more: https://www.haaretz.com/jewish/archaeology/1.709010

    All this adds to our understanding of “lost history” as Mohammed’s mother, if not father, was a Jewess.


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