The Dangers of Brown Tech

More and more tech companies are falling under the sway of people of Indian sub-continental origin.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO.
Satya Nadella and the prime minister of India
Google CEO Sundar Pichai and the prime minister of India

These are people from countries or cultures with no tradition of free speech or respect for individual autonomy. It ought to be a matter of concern that western freedom of speech on matters of critical political importance is now effectively being outsourced to their defective judgement.

Ethereum is one of the new tech kids on the block. It is now the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin, but its blockchain technology also has broader applications.

Vinay Gupta was involved in its founding.

Here he is on Twitter, debating the founder of Gab (a kind of free-speech version of Twitter). BTW I am on Gab here (link).


He apparently believes he belongs to a superior race, along with Jews. And says he will scheme by hook or crook to thwart Gab if it attempts to use the platform. “Underhanded-yet-ethical”? This is a concept that mere white people probably cannot get their minds around, but it may be more familiar to the “superior races” of Indians and Jews.

Gab isn’t even Alt Right never mind Nazi. The founder is just a Trump-friendly conservative who believes in free speech.

But Gupta’s comments give us an insight into the mindset of the people who now hold such sway over our lives. They see us as their racial adversaries. If a European ethnic self-defence movement ever acquires serious momentum, they will do everything they can to undermine it, by fair means or foul.

Criminals, paedophiles, terrorists, antifa – no problem. Brown Tech will wave you through with a smile. But European ethnic self-defence? No. That cannot be permitted.

Note that Gupta is part of a UK government initiative. British people should be contacting journalists and their political representatives to ask whether the government really ought to be employing people who hold such racially supremacist views. I’m fairly sure that anyone who asserted the supremacy of white people would be instantly terminated. But perhaps brown supremacism is considered OK.




8 thoughts on “The Dangers of Brown Tech

  1. The motto of the jews and brown people has always been “by any means necessary” Yes, entrusting our free speech to brown people with no history or frame of reference for such practices is alarming, indeed. Gutpa’s 85 IQ is showing when he says jews and Indians are the builders of civilization and far ahead of Whites. If a country that’s produced more 7-11 employees than any other on the planet is responsible for the gift of civilization, then why are his fellow brown people actively working to destroy it by eliminating free speech, which is one of the tenets of a civilized society?

    India has never been civilized. It’s a massively polluted, politically corrupt, poverty-stricken, infectious disease-ridden sh*thole where 2/3 of the people still defecate openly in the street. I’m not even making that up. It was a legitimate news story recently that profiled how Indian government is “working” on campaigns to get people to use the toilet…as least those that OWN one. As for the jews, “the destroyers”, as jew author, Maurice Samuel called his own tribe, never created anything, much less anything like the British, Roman, Byzantine or Greek empires. In fact, there is ZERO archeological evidence for any of the fairy tales about the jewish characters or cities of any kind as stated in the Bible. The jews have always been grifters, gravitating toward the civilizations other build (why do the work if you don’t have to) to suck the life and resources out of them, then move on to the next victim. Even Israel was built entirely with German and American money, labor and resources. The jews just live there.

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  2. Microsoft is one of the companies taken over by Indians, and one of the first things they did was to fire dozens of white people. Their “new direction” was Windows 10, which is essentially the brilliant Windows 7 that white people produced, with spyware added so they can sell your personal information to whoever wants to buy it.

    And here we foolish Europeans are with our foolish “Enlightenment” ideals all corrupted against us by the Jews we so magnanimously “liberated,” so they have now demonized “Nazis” with their bogus “holocaust” narrative and brainwashed us all to foolishly feel ashamed we exist. The critical theorists of the Frankfurt School managed to create a cancerous culture that injects negativity into everything we are.

    This is absolutely a war for our very survival, yet most whites (especially women, who have no concept of warfare) are blissfully ignorant that it exists. Open war is upon us, though, whether we would risk it or not. Ultimately, it’s us or them. We must fight them by any means necessary, until we are sovereign, homogeneous, entities once again. And the number one enemy is the defamer which must not be named. The media must be utterly removed from its ability to propagandize against us. Forever.

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  3. check this :

    Vinay Gupta‏
    Follow Follow @leashless
    Replying to @leashless @blogdiva
    (I should note, for the record, that I’m half white and was showing some particularly racist fuckwit how their argument sounded reversed)


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