I’m dreaming of a brown Christmas

John Lewis is a major British retailer. Its lavishly produced Christmas adverts have become something of a national institution, and a prime vehicle for diversity propaganda.

Last year the advert featured a negro family (link). This year the father is a negro, the children are half-breeds and the mother is a white blonde. The fact that the mother isn’t introduced till the end gives it an added punch.

Why are brown people even celebrating Christmas? Isn’t this cultural appropriation of a European tradition?

Here is the Debenhams advert. More miscegenation propaganda. It really is very in-your-face now.

Longer version:

The Marks and Spencers advert does it too. They really are going all in on Diversity this year. Note Santa is a bumbling, incompetent old white man who has to be helped by a brown bear.

Just to put this in perspective, the negro population of Britain is estimated at around 2-3% of the total. Yet every woman in these adverts has a negro partner. Even I am taken aback by this. They’re not even trying to hide the agenda any more.

Is it the same in other countries? The AltRight should try and get the #BrownChristmas meme going and see if we can get the MSM to cover it.

Thanks to Jerry O’Reilly for pointing out the others.


Here’s another Tesco advert. This one shows Muslims celebrating Christmas and exchanging gifts.

This one has attracted some adverse comment, mainly pointing out the absurdity of Muslims celebrating Christmas.  The protest has attracted attention from the MSM, who of course denounce it as “racist”. (link)



13 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a brown Christmas

  1. The front cover of this year’s Tesco Christmas magazine features a black girl, with a black family ‘adorning’ page 5. I didn’t look any further so I can’t say when the first whites appear; on the page devoted to suntan lotion, presumably. A Tesco email dated the 7th November informs me that ‘Our online Baby Event has arrived’. The accompanying photo is of a black baby and black father.


  2. Cultural appropriation, exactly. I’d read somewhere in the recent past that all the major advertising agencies, like all media organizations, feed back into just a handful of conglomerates, that admitted to knowingly over-representing non-Whites in advertising but that it was part of their overall “goal”. It’s their message to us to tell us we’re going away in the near future, i.e. goodbye to you. It’s very common to see five children in an ad with one black, one Asian, two mixed-race and just one White child. Flipping through the ads that come with the Sunday newspaper, non-Whites and mixed race models easily make up 2/3 of the faces. It’s shocking how much it has changed in the last 20 years.

    They know, however, that at least on a large scale, the miscegenation propaganda in their ads, films, and media shows won’t work. We’re largely biologically wired to prefer our own. As Nicholas Sarkozy said years ago, however, the state is going to eventually employ “more coercive” ways of forcing us to miscegenate and destroy our own race. When that happens, we’ll literally have to fight for our lives.


  3. I saw the Marks and Spencer Christmas promotion ad, featuring Paddington Bear and, at the end of the commercial, he greets a mixed race family, dad and kids blacks and the mother, yes, a white blonde. I suggest people start writing to these companies and threatening individual boycotts. Word does get round and money shouts. It can work, if people care enough and are angry enough to no longer accept the blatant genocidal message.


      1. Glad to supply some cannon fodder… I don’t know if commercials are this bad in the States CZ, I do not watch TV….. because of commercials! Almost every commercial ( in general) consists of a male white idiot, a ( white) damsel in distress, and an all-powerful negro that comes to the rescue. This is most prevalent in insurance commercials. The Worst ads are the ones with blacks/whites partying together–these are usually for beer or sodas. Ok, you do not have to be even a slight bit race realist to know that this is completely UNTRUE! Outside of “mandatory” office events, etc…. blacks and whites DO NOT purposely socialize together. College and high school kids do this to an extent, because they are pidgeon-holed into various group settings with blacks–i.e. share same classes, live on the same floor, etc… but working age adults of both races simply do not do this. It is a fact


  4. We need to start International Campaign Against Race Mixing. The non whites pouring into white countries has now reached flood proportions. A campaign against race mixing to save the white race will bring our cause a lot of attention – and it won’t be illegal. A campaign against race mixing is a Pro active way to proclaim our dissent!


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