Infiltration: Nephew of major Muslim crime boss now a Berlin police officer

I am not the greatest. That is Allah. I gave myself one task: I work for God.

Here’s more on the infiltration of the Berlin police by Muslim crime clans, which I first about a few days ago. (link)

Just by doing a few minutes’ worth of basic research on the internet, a student blogger has established that the nephew of the one of the leading crime bosses in Germany is now a member of the Berlin police.


The nephew is called Mohamed Hasan El-Zein and the uncle Mahmoud Al-Zein.


Part-funny, part-tragic, Sarrazin predicted this back in 2014.


The former Berlin Finance Senator Thilo Sarrazin has sharply attacked the Berlin Police and Interior Affairs Senator Frank Henkel (CDU). In a column for the Zürich “Weltwoche” Sarrazin complains that applicants of Arab and Turkish origin are being given preference. This “illegal new practice” is hollowing out standards and the quality of the police, he said.


“It’ won’t be noticed immediately, but in ten or twenty years or so,” writes Sarrazin. “Candidates for police careers who are of Turkish and Arab origin are being favoured.” This is designed in such a way “that over the long term the quality of the police as well as the uniformity of their behaviour and thus the implementation of the law is put in jeopardy.”


A large proportion of the Turkish and Arab-origin applicants have a “criminal history”, explains the former federal banker and best-selling author. (“Deutschland schafft sich ab“). For that reason requirements for the certificate attesting the lack of a criminal record have been reduced. It is no longer necessary to demonstrate no criminal convictions for the previous ten years at the time of application, only five years. “In this way, former intensive criminals have joined the police in Berlin.”


Even the correct mastery of the German language has lapsed as a requirement for being accepted into the Berlin Police. A large proportion of applicants of Turkish and Arab origin speak only broken ghetto-German.


In police training, the test requirements have been massively lowered for applicants of Turkish and Arab origin, claims Sarrazin. This is to prevent high failure rates. “A double standard has been created, which not only disadvantages German police trainees, but over the long term is dragging down the overall qualification levels of the Berlin police.”


Berlin’s Interior Affairs Senator Frank Henkel rejected the criticism as “stupid”. If Sarrazin wants to attack social problems, he’s picked the wrong target with the police, he said to the “B.Z.”. Singling out those migrants for attack “who want to integrate into our society and commit to upholding the law is stupid.”




  1. Reblogged this on Leuchtturm Netz and commented:
    Hierzu gibt es mehrere Beweise, z.B. Interview eine Berliner Polizeiausbilders. Die Stadt wird wohl von Neuen Linken regiert, zusammen mit der Türkischen Mafia.

    Der Todfeind im Herzen von Deutschland.


  2. Far more likely is that the Moslems joining the police forces want to get the best training possible, and access to the most powerful weapons, which can together be used to enforce Islamic rule. Logical, not stupid; if you are intent on conquering a people; it certainly beats having to fight your enemy face to face in even combat.


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